Travel Vaccination Expert Practio expands with 6 New Pharmacies in London

Danish health tech company, Practio, is now expanding to London after launching its travel vaccination service in Liverpool in July 2019 and Portsmouth in November 2019.

The company offers vaccines for a range of diseases including rabies, hepatitis, typhoid, and yellow fever, covering all the necessary jabs for destinations from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Just like in Liverpool and Portsmouth, Practio will be collaborating with local pharmacies in London to offer a simple alternative to existing travel vaccination services.

Holiday-makers from London can now easily book a phone call on Practio’s website,, and speak with a specialised nurse within an hour. The nurse will create a tailored vaccine plan during the phone call and the vaccinations can then be received at any one of a list of partner pharmacies.

Practio also uses their expertise in travel safety and vaccinations to provide advice, with holiday-makers able to call before booking to ask any questions they may have.

Practio plans to launch more than 20 pharmacies in London, and are currently starting off by launching their service in 6 pharmacies, giving people a wide choice of locations around the city to receive their injections.

There are also plans to roll out to other cities around the UK as, since they first launched in July 2019, they’ve given hundreds of vaccination consultations to protect holiday-makers.

Practio fills a hole in the market created by a global shortage of specialist health practitioners which has made it difficult for patients to have their growing needs met. They aim to bridge the gap between the demand for quick and easy travel healthcare and the supply, with their technology turning pharmacies into local healthcare hubs that are safe and affordable.

Co-founders, Jonas Nilsen and Mads Mikkelsen, were inspired to utilise digital technology in a way it hadn’t been used before to give people better access to safe and affordable travel healthcare. Today, their technology platform is unlocking the vast potential of community pharmacies as local healthcare hubs, with a growing presence in Denmark and the UK.

Mads Mikkelsen, CEO of Practio, said, “We’re hugely excited to be expanding into London, where we’re going to be able to reach so many more people through the network of pharmacies throughout the city. Travel has never been as important to us, with global tourism growing exponentially, but the dangers of diseases from other countries haven’t gone away. Convenient, safe, and reliable access to experts who can advise on what vaccinations you need to stay protected abroad is essential in the modern world, and we’re now providing exactly that to London holiday-makers.”

Research shows that tourism has been growing worldwide since the end of WW2 and, even since 2012, the number of trips abroad by Brits has increased by 28%.

However, factors like climate change are thought to be exacerbating the issue of infectious diseases in some countries. Hotter, longer summers and warmer winters extend the environments that insects like ticks, mosquitoes, and sandflies thrive in, leading to increases in vector-borne diseases.

The World Health Organization is set on increasing immunisation rates to new highs after several years of stagnancy, with their Global Vaccine Action Plan aiming to introduce easier access to vaccines across the world. They also established World Immunization Week, celebrated in the last week of April.