University of Chichester chooses UV-C technology to protect creative course students

UV-C disinfection technology expert, Uvisan, has installed one of its state-of-the-art automated UV-C disinfection systems into the University of Chichester’s audio recording studio as part of ongoing coronavirus control measures.

As students return to practical on-site learning at The Creative and Digital Technologies department, the Cleanroom by Uvisan set up will disinfect surfaces using a wavelength of light which kills viruses and bacteria. The system consists of a series of high-power UV-C lamps controlled by Uvisan’s proprietary Cleanroom software.

The state-of-the-art facility complete with professional, industry standard equipment now has the capacity to undergo a full UV-C decontamination cycle, which safely and effectively disinfects the entire studio – including its mixing desks, delicate optical surfaces and the ambient surroundings – in 10 minutes. The fully automated system sanitises shared technical equipment so it can be used to its full potential by students without requiring large periods of downtime between each use.

The Cleanroom system is controlled by one operator from a smart controller and app. It features cloud reporting along with analytics for historical and auditable data. The system also supports the Creative and Digital Technologies department’s drive to ensure the safety of its students, staff and visiting clients whilst on-site.

Uvisan’s UV-C technology allows for the total disinfection of complex hard and soft surfaces without the need for traditional cleaning methods, such as wipes and alcohol-based sprays, which use moisture and can damage the mixing desk and other delicate electronics over time.

Students at the University of Chichester, renowned for its courses within the creative industries, as well as external clients who record in the studio, will now be able to confidently use resources that are vital to their educational and professional development.

Vernon Francis, senior creative digital technologies technician at the University of Chichester said: “Our recording studio is a very busy space, used for everything from undergraduate and masters level teaching to voiceover and band recording sessions, as well as orchestral recordings by external clients. Having the ability to sanitise our SSL mixing desk and outboard equipment with Uvisan’s Cleanroom lighting system offers confidence to all that use that space.

“Before installing the UV-C lamps, there was a sense of trepidation from users of the space – did the previous user mitigate infection risks sufficiently when working? Now, when we show how we can sanitise the recording suite, everyone – students, staff and external clients, are amazed at the system’s efficiency and speed.”

Uvisan’s Cleanroom technology utilises short-wavelength UV light which kills 99.9% of pathogens on all surfaces in the room ready for the next students to safely use within 10 minutes.

In addition to installation of Cleanroom, the University of Chichester has procured five Uvisan UV-C disinfection cabinets in which it can place shared electronic hardware, VR headsets, computer peripherals and tablets to be quickly and effectively disinfected.

David Marks, Executive Chairman at Uvisan, said: “The disruption to university teaching this year has been significant for all students, but those on practical, creative courses who would usually rely on specialist shared and touched equipment have especially suffered.

“The state-of-the-art recording studio is a key resource for many students, and it is fantastic to see that Cleanroom by Uvisan is now playing a part in restoring some level of normality at Chichester, helping the University provide re-assurance to staff and students and optimising learning by ensuring key equipment can be safely used again.”

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