Apply to be a Student Nursing Times Editor 2019-20!

Starting in September 2019, the new editors will each represent their own area of healthcare: mental health, child, learning disabilities, adult and midwifery, for 12 months. 

The role is an exciting opportunity for you to support your peers, learn new skills, develop your writing and reflect on your own practice. You will take it in turns to write the weekly Student Editor Blog and will work with the Nursing Times team to put forward the issues that you think matter to the student nurse population.

As well as a huge boost to your CV, this is an opportunity for you to promote the causes that matter to you. We have a strong, engaged audience of student nurses from all over the UK making this an ideal platform for you to make your voice heard.

The five editors will join us at the Student Nursing Times Awards in Spring 2020 where past editors have been invited on stage to give out trophies and congratulate the winners.


  • What will I get out of it?

Please note this is not a paid post. As a thank you for your work we give each editor a free ticket to the Student Nursing Times Awards and a year’s digital subscription to Nursing Times. You will also benefit from increasing your presence within the nursing community and being a Student NT Editor looks fantastic on your CV.

  • How much work does the role entail?

The role is what you make it – we’re always open to your ideas for how you can develop your editorship using the @StudentNT twitter feed, Facebook page and, of course, the Student NT website.

As a minimum, student editors will contribute to the weekly blog on a rotation – so every five weeks. We may also ask for your help with judging competitions and ask you for a student nurse view on news stories. We expect our student editors to always put their course first and we understand you will have other commitments that need to take priority – however please consider whether you have the extra time to take on this role.

  • Will I need to work at the Nursing Times office?

No, the role is to be done remotely.

  • Why do you choose one editor for each branch?

We think it’s important that every branch of nursing and midwifery is represented by someone who is well placed to advocate for the branch itself and for your patient group. Therefore we seperate your entries by branch and choose one editor from each. If you are studying more than one branch please choose which you would most like to represent and tell us this in your application.

  • How do I apply?

There is an entry form at the end of this article. You will be asked to give some details about yourself and then answer two questions – each with a 250 word limit for answers. Simply tell us your answer, click submit and make yourself a cup of tea!

  • When do I need to apply by?

We will be closing applications at 9am on Monday 19 August.

  • What happens next?

We aim to have finished reading your applications and have chosen our new editors by Tuesday 27 August. We will let you know whether or not you have been successful. The new editors will start their editorships on Monday 9 September with a joint blog introducing themselves.

  • Can you give us any hints and tips?

It’s probably worth keeping in mind that this is mainly a feature writing post. So keep it interesting. Show us you can write with flair and that you have interesting things to say.

Remember you’re not writing an essay and have fun writing it – we’re far more likely to have fun reading it!

Pay attention to your spelling and grammar, and to the word count!

If you’ve written for us before, remind us and mention your article.

Lastly, keep in mind that we receive A LOT of entries and have a really tough time choosing. Therefore the majority of those who enter will not be selected. This doesn’t mean we don’t think you’re able to do the role, just the fact that you’ve entered shows you have initiative and care about the voice of nursing, so please don’t see it as a pass/fail situation.

Ready to apply? Click here to download the application form. Please return the completed form to [email protected] by Monday 19 August.