CNO hands out first gold badge to patient safety advocate

Ms Inglesby-Burke, chief nurse at the Northern Care Alliance, was handed the “gold award” badge by CNO Dr Ruth May in recognition of her work championing patient safety. 

“It was a real honour to receive the award from Ruth”

Elaine Inglesby-Burke

Qualifying as a nurse in 1980, Ms Inglesby-Burke has worked in the North West of England in a variety of positions throughout her career, including ward manager and nurse specialist.

She has also held executive nurse director positions since 1996 and began working as a chief nurse at Salford Royal in 2004. 

As part of her distinguished career, Ms Inglesby-Burke has worked at a national level to help improve patient safety.

The chief nurse has been a significant advocate in the campaign for hospitals to set staffing levels and was also a part of the prime minister’s Nursing and Care Quality Forum.

In addition, Ms Inglesby-Burke was the only nurses selected to be on the Berwick National Advisory Group of the Safety of Patients in England set up in the wake of the Mid Staffordshire care scandal. 

In 2015, she was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list for her services to nursing.

Ms Inglesby-Burke was awarded the badge at the CNO summit earlier this month. 

As previously reported by Nursing Times, the badges are being introduced by Dr May to recognise and award individuals who have “excelled in their performance”.

Under the new CNO’s plan, each year the chosen nurses or midwives will be given a silver or gold CNO or chief midwifery officer badge.

Speaking about her award, Ms Inglesby-Burke said: “It was a real honour to receive the award from Ruth at her first CNO summit as chief nursing officer.

“I gave her this award for her being an important advocate for patient safety”

Ruth May 

“Being singled out for my achievements is unbelievable when I hear about the tremendous patient care and improvements that are being delivered by so many other nurses in often very challenged organisations,” she said.

“I am really proud to share my gold award with my colleagues across the Northern Care Alliance and plan to introduce a way in which, every year, I can pass on this award to colleagues within the alliance to recognise their amazing contribution to nursing,” she added.

At the CNO summit, Dr May also handed out the first midwifery badge. 

NHS England

Jess Read

Source: NHS England

Jess Read

Jessica Read, who trained as a midwife in South East London, was the first to receive a gold CMO award in recognition of her leadership skills and for the creation of a support platform for staff.

Ms Read currently works as the NHS England regional maternity lead for London and plays an integral part in supporting the delivery of national ambitions of Better Births and the NHS Long Term Plan.

The midwife has a strong interest in the development of a new generation of midwifery leaders and is a Florence Nightingale Leadership Scholar.

In April last year, Ms Read and her team launched ‘Capital Midwife’, an initiative that provides a platform of support development and innovation for midwives working in London.

Having worked as a midwife for more than 30 years, Ms Read has worked across all aspects of maternity services and has focussed on the promotion of midwifery-led settings as the option of choice for women who have a low or no risk profile.

“Jessica and Elaine are worthy winners of these first awards”

Ruth May 

As part of her work in the profession, Ms Read also sits on the editorial board of the British Journal of Midwives, is a member of the Royal Collefe of Nursing’s midwifery forum steering committee and represents the RCN on the Council of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM).

Speaking about the first pair of awards, Dr May said: “Nursing and midwifery expertise, care, leadership are fundamental to the NHS, and it’s important we take the time to celebrate those who are doing innovative work.”

Dr May said she was “delighted” to announce Ms Inglesby-Burke with the first CNO gold award, for “her outstanding contribution to the NHS”.

“Elaine has worked in the NHS for many years and I gave her this award for her being an important advocate for patient safety,” she said. “She was part of the Prime Minister’s Nursing and Care Quality Forum and is the only nurse selected to be on the Berwick National Advisory Group of the Safety of Patients in England.” 

Chief nursing officer

Ruth May

Source: NHS England

Ruth May

Dr May said she was also pleased to congratulate Ms Read who she described as a “very worthy recipient” of the first CNO gold award. 

The CNO highlighted how her award recognised Ms Read’s “outstanding strategic leadership of midwifery in NHS England, London and in particular her leadership and implementation of Capital Midwife”. 

“These awards are part of my vision to build #teamCNO to celebrate nurses and midwives, and reward them for all their hard work, and Jessica and Elaine are worthy winners of these first awards,” said Dr May.