COVID-19: Triple Point Steps Up Support for NHS

NHS Finance Provider Triple Point Investment Management has announced an increase in the financial support it provides to the NHS, to help our health service accelerate the procurement and in-field deployment of vital equipment to cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last week, Triple Point were able to fulfil a request for the finance of eight ventilators for the Intensive Trauma Unit at a regional County Hospital. In a process which often takes months, the investment manager was able to issue the order to the ventilator supplier in fewer than five hours after the lease was verbally awarded to Triple Point. 

Known for its agility and responsiveness, Triple Point has a long track record of providing such funding to the NHS albeit one that was earned in less challenging times. As part of its broader strategy to relieve funding pressures in the public and private sectors, it has already financed and supplied medical equipment used in 103 NHS Trusts nationwide. 

Many of the medical assets financed by Triple Point (worth more than £118 million) will be essential for managing the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes providing a diverse range of mission critical assets to the NHS such as hospital beds (in excess of 2,117), sterilising equipment (more than 68 assets), infusion pumps (over 807) and one modular hospital building, which will all be increasingly important in the coming weeks and months. 

Triple Point also manages one of the largest fleets of ambulances in the UK with its almost 400 Accident and Emergency vehicles in near constant use by its NHS lessees. Ordinarily involved in non-urgent patient transfer movements, a similar number of specialist Patient Transport vehicles are now often being re-purposed to provide critical frontline services. Of course, so well-equipped are our UK ambulances that substantially all of our A&E fleet is fitted with on-board patient ventilators. 

It’s impossible to know the long term implications of the pandemic on the global supply chain for medical equipment but with many devices being exported from East Asia it’s reasonable to assume there will be some disruption in the short term at least. As such, Triple Point’s ability to supply good quality, used ex-lease equipment is likely to become even more crucial to the NHS as the virus continues to spread.

 Caroline Davis, Senior Account Manager at Triple Point commented: 

“It’s an honour to be able to step up our support to the NHS at such a critical time. Our finance can hasten procurements forward, reduce capex strain and enable our amazing front-line health professionals to provide the care needed now more than ever. We will strive to make sure that our world class health service has the necessary resources to operate to the best of its ability, so it can carry on saving lives.”