Dermago launches in Great Britain

A web platform which provides quick analysis, diagnosis, and treatment for minor dermatological afflictions

The Dermago virtual dermatology platform, a Canadian-based pioneer in asynchronous telemedicine*, is partnering with Dr. Magnus Lynch, a leading Harley Street dermatologist and medtech entrepreneur, to offer teleconsultations to patients across Great Britain – ensuring dermatology patients will no longer have to endure long waiting times for an appointment. Patients will be able to access personalized and patient-centric analysis, diagnosis, and treatment of minor skin complaints at the click of a button or via their mobile phones, all from the comfort of their home within 24 hours or 7 days.


Dermago is a concept developed by two Canadian dermatologists seeking to improve accessibility to dermatology services. It’s designed to also help relieve strain on the healthcare system, while also providing access to patients living in remote areas. According to the British Medical Association, there are now over six million people waiting for NHS care. Demand for treatment outstripped capacity even before COVID-19, so it is no surprise that backlogs and longer waiting times for patients have increased. In a study conducted by NHS England last year, Dermatology was one of the services that was being heavily affected.

“There is strong demand for dermatology services in Britain due in part to a limited number of dermatologists, especially outside major urban centres,” said Dr. Marc- André Doré, co-founder of Dermago and a professional dermatologist by training. “Our innovative technology and the new partnership between Dermago and Dr. Lynch will provide broader access to user-friendly virtual consultations to a greater number of people and therefore make life easier for both patients and specialists.”

“Skin conditions are extremely common, often having a major impact on patients’ physical and psychological health, yet many patients find it hard to get an appointment with a dermatologist due to long waiting lists and the relatively high cost of traditional private dermatology consultations. Asynchronous telemedicine has the potential to provide convenient and affordable treatment for straightforward skin complaints. This approach has been pioneered by Dermago in Canada and I look forward to working together with Dr Doré and the team to develop this technology in Britain,” said Dr. Magnus Lynch, Consultant Dermatologist.

Nearly 20,000 Canadian patients have used Dermago’s platform to see a dermatologist since the company was founded, nearly half of them in the past year alone. The company’s growth prospects in the British market, which is almost twice the size of Canada’s, are therefore highly promising. It will be the first time that this approach of asynchronous telemedicine technology will be implemented in Britain.


Dermago patients create a secure personal medical file, in which they provide all their details. Precise instructions are then provided to ensure high-quality photos are submitted by the patient to assist the dermatologist to make an accurate diagnosis. Based on the patient’s decision for a 24 hour or 7-day diagnosis after submitting their case, a consultant dermatologist will review the information and photographs and provide a medical opinion. If a prescription is needed, it can be sent directly to the patient’s home.

The Dermago solution is powered by Oro Health, a technology which facilitates communications between patients and dermatologists that are as secure as if they took place in person in a doctor’s office. The entire process is compliant with the strictest GDPR information standards.

The fast-track service available through the web-portal, allowing users to obtain a diagnosis in less than 24 hours, is offered at the introductory price of £129. The basic 7-day service is priced at £79.

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Founded in Quebec in 2017, Dermago is the first 100% virtual clinic that offers patients fast, direct, and safe access to a dermatologist for the treatment of minor skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea, loss of hair and psoriasis. The Company is the brainchild of Dr. Marc-André Doré and Dr. Émilie Bourgeault, two dermatologists who seek to improve access to care for Canadian patients. The service, which is backed by a team of seven recognized dermatologists, is available in all Canadian provinces, except Saskatchewan, and in Great Britain.

*Asynchronous telemedicine, unlike conventional telemedicine, does not require appointments to be made between the patient and the doctor. The exchanges are continuous and flexible via instant messaging, at the convenience of both parties. This greatly facilitates time management for all who are involved in the process.