Digital rehabilitation pathway platform launched in wake of whiplash reforms

  • Digital rehabilitation solution guides claimants through triage to integrated treatment provision for personal injury market
  • Supporting organisations to navigate the changes in the way fast-track claims are handled and reduces the need for claims handler involvement in rehabilitation

HCML, one of the UK’s most comprehensive providers of rehabilitation and case management solutions, has launched an end-to-end fast-track digital rehabilitation pathway that brings online referral, triage, booking and treatment to the personal injury market.

The platform digitises the whole rehabilitation process – from point of referral to case closure. Combined with the 24/7 availability of the digital solution, access to appropriate rehabilitation is accelerated, resulting in enhanced clinical outcomes for the claimant and reduced case duration and costs for the funding party.

The service comes at a time when the insurance industry is under increased pressure to digitise operations and claims functions. Working with partners who use automation and digital solutions in their own service provision will improve the claims handling process. Touch points are dramatically reduced thanks to automatic referral, digital triage and self-service physiotherapy, and fixed pricing eliminates the need for authorisation of funding, allowing for a more streamlined pathway, without compromise on service quality for all fast-track claims.

The announcement comes as the new ‘whiplash reforms’ come into play, which aim to better tackle the high volume of musculoskeletal claims. With speculation as to whether the reforms will actually increase the burden on insurers when it comes to dealing with the potential increase in litigants in person, HCML’s Fast-track Digital Pathway will automate much of the process, easing the claims case load.

Keith Bushnell, chief executive officer at HCML says: “HCML exists to accelerate recovery so we’re delighted that our Fast-track Digital Pathway is expediting access to rehabilitation.

‘The recent reforms only serve to heighten the need for further efficiency in the claims handling process. With a pure digital solution, we make it extremely easy to access treatment, ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes, while supporting organisations to navigate the changes in the way fast-track claims are handled.”

HCML’s chief medical officer, Dr Alex Smallwood says: “Efficiencies in the claims handling process are created from the point of referral by automatically guiding the claimant through an assessment and treatment pathway within minutes. Our 24/7 digital service allows them access at a time that is convenient to them, preventing delays in treatment which can increase case duration by up to 10%.”

The fast-track digital pathway uses automation to deliver a clinically robust journey, with proven and effective outcomes, developed and overseen by HCML clinicians, led by Dr Smallwood.

“Existing digital triage services focus on musculoskeletal assessment and virtual physiotherapy. HCML’s platform provides a holistic approach to personal injury using the biopsychosocial model which considers wider ranging factors to ensure the most appropriate treatment for the quickest recovery,” says Dr Smallwood.

Recommended treatment is overseen by HCML and delivered through their network of clinically governed providers.