Evoke unveils simplified brand and structure

Evoke, an Inizio company, today announces it has simplified its brand and enhanced its offerings to ensure clients receive the most effective solutions tailored to the dynamic healthcare landscape.

With this simplified brand ecosystem, the platform unites its specialty agencies and capabilities under a singular Inizio Evoke brand and core service areas in Marketing, Comms, Transformation, Media, and Access. As one integrated platform, Inizio Evoke now delivers a more advanced offering and more intuitive experience for its clients and people. It further connects global capabilities to deliver the best thinking and provide clients with best-in industry work, creative, and innovative solutions.

“Building on our decades-long legacy of innovation, creativity, and impact in healthcare, our new unified brand reflects our commitment to our clients,” said Reid Connolly, CEO of Inizio Evoke. “It is a natural evolution that removes barriers to collaboration and allows us to continue to deliver against the needs of our clients while leading change in the dynamic healthcare market. Under the banner of our bold new Inizio Evoke brand, we are better equipped to tap into Inizio’s global powerhouse as a leader in the pharma and life sciences industry, providing seamless access to the full Inizio platform and expertise across Advisory, Medical, Engage, and Biotech. This ensures our clients have access to the latest cutting-edge solutions along with a partner that is fully invested in their success. I have never been more confident about our ability to help our clients navigate the evolving healthcare landscape, now and far into the future.”

Evoke specialty agencies are now operating under the new Inizio Evoke brand as follows:

  • Inizio Evoke: Combines the global marketing expertise of Evoke North America, Evoke Europe, and Evoke Mind+Matter UK to deliver full service brand marketing, advertising, and creative capabilities that harness data-driven insights to deliver transformative impact across DTC, Patient, and HCP audiences.
  • Inizio Evoke Drive: Delivers the full-service marketing and creative capabilities of Evoke MicroMass and Evoke Mind+Matter US to
    accelerate brands, businesses, and patient experiences by delivering unmatched results for clients across every therapeutic area.
  • Inizio Evoke Comms: Integrates the specialized experience from Evoke Canale, Evoke Galliard, and Evoke Kyne to deliver award-winning global health communications for clients across pharma, biopharma, biotech, and non-profit. By harnessing insights, experience, and creativity, Inizio Evoke Comms addresses today’s greatest healthcare challenges through creative, integrated communications programs.

Incisive Health is a healthcare policy and communications consultancy focused on the UK, European, and International markets. The agency retains its name and continues to operate as part of Inizio Evoke Comms.

  • Inizio Evoke Transformation: Combines the expertise of Evoke Create, Evoke Melt, and the platform’s rapidly expanding customer experience (CX), omnichannel and data, analytics, and audience intelligence practices to optimize customer experiences and deliver tailored content across channels. By leveraging marketing automation and data insights, Inizio Evoke Transformation creates seamless, impactful omnichannel journeys, driving brands toward new heights of commercial success.
  • Evolution Road is a leading advisor in providing strategic counsel on practical marketing and omnichannel solutions that deliver investment impact. Evolution Road retains its name and operates as part of Inizio Evoke Transformation.
  • Inizio Evoke Access: Brings together the market access, patient access, and patient support expertise from Evoke Navience and across the platform to help clients navigate the complexities of the market access landscape and build the right solutions to maximize business potential and support patients, providers, and payers throughout the product’s lifecycle.
  • Inizio Evoke Media: Offers best-in-class, full-service global health media capabilities to develop innovative, inclusive, and sustainable paid media strategies to solve client challenges and drive business outcomes.

The new Inizio Evoke brand will continue to serve as a premier partner for the world’s most innovative and ambitious healthcare organizations, with an even stronger focus on delivering client-centric solutions that drive transformative growth.

“Being in lockstep with our clients’ needs is key to delivering transformative growth for their businesses. This is the promise we’re making at Inizio Evoke, and it’s the foundation upon which all our client relationships are built,” said Connolly. “In better aligning our organization with clients’ needs and challenges, we are not just changing our name; we are evolving to become a more effective partner and go beyond what most think is possible from one agency partner, putting us and our clients at a unique competitive advantage.”