EXi NHS-approved exercise prescription app launches free Covid-rehabilitation programme

Sir Muir Gray, renowned British Physician and Chief Knowledge Officer at NHS-approved exercise prescription app EXi has helped develop a Covid 19-rehabilitation programme to help people recover from the disease

The EXi NHS-approved app for people with long term health conditions has launched a Covid-Rehabilitation programme. Devised by renowned British Physician Sir Muir Gray in partnership with EXi, the programme comprises movement-focused prescription sessions to support those recovering from the virus.

It is well-documented that COVID-19 causes the most suffering to those with underlying health conditions, including diabetes, respiratory and heart conditions and obesity.

“It’s absolutely critical that people with chronic health conditions not only keep moving but increase the amount they move to help them build their resilience to Covid-19” advises Sir Muir.  “And for anyone who has had the disease, a carefully prescribed rehabilitation exercise programme, as I have devised for EXi, will speed their recovery.”

Those who suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, obesity and depression are significantly more at risk of contracting other illnesses, including coronavirus. A staggering 90% of people who have died from COVID-19 this year had at least one underlying health condition: obese patients have a 33% greater risk of dying from a COVID infection while 27% of  people who died from COVID in England between March and May had diabetes.  A recent study of 20,133 UK patients in hospital with Covid-19 found that at least 31% had heart disease.

EXi can be downloaded for free and users simply select ‘COVID-19 rehabilitation’, update their profile to include any other pre-existing medical conditions they may have and add their personal physical health stats. The unique EXi algorithm then determines their exercise prescription programme. The EXi COVID-19 rehab pathway will restrict people to low/moderate intensity activity for the first 12 weeks.  If they have a good health profile after this time, it will unlock higher intensity activity as an option.

The EXi Covid-19 Rehabilitation Programme has been developed using the most up to date stats and data from health organisations to provide people with the tools they need to get better safely.

“Starting rehabilitation as soon as you are able (and once the initial fever has settled) can help to improve physical, psychological and emotional recovery,” says Carron Manning, Chartered Physiotherapist, CEO and co-founder of EXi. “It also prevents a process called deconditioning, which is a loss of strength, fitness and functional capacity, which can lead to a loss of independence. Our programme guides users over a 12-week programme that is both personalised and safe.”


Sir Muir Gray also has the following advice and encouragement:


  • Outside time is crucial

Even though it will be winter during this second lockdown, the importance of daylight and fresh air cannot be overlooked. With everything from increased oxygen levels and vitamin D to the simple pleasure of seeing greenery or stepping away from your own four walls – the positive mental and physical effects of leaving your home for even 10 minutes a day are profound. If you are vulnerable and cannot leave your home, try a couple of laps of your garden or small green space. Anything is everything in this sense.


  • Track your health

Keeping a simple record of how much you’re moving is really encouraging. EXi provides carefully laid out, medically approved information and support in the form of an exercise prescription. It’s been developed by GPs and medics and is NHS-approved for your peace-of-mind.


  • Stay connected

Never underestimate the power of having a chat with a friendly face, whether that be friends, family or neighbours. Human connection during isolation can seem daunting but use the power of technology to remain connected. Remember to talk about your day, even if it seems insignificant, you will feel far better for it when you get to the other side of lockdown.

For more information, visit www.exi.life