Frontline nurses asked for their views on ability to innovate

Innovation charity Nesta wants to understand the extent to which nursing staff are supported to both voice and try out new ideas.

“We’re interested in models of leadership that empower the frontline to help solve problems”

Halima Khan

In partnership with Nursing Times, Nesta is surveying nurses across the UK on their attitudes and experiences of trying to introduce new ideas and ways of working.

They short survey asks whether nurses feel the health and care system in general has a culture of listening to and acting on the ideas of those working at the front line.

It also includes questions on whether nurses have ideas for how to improve the service they work in, if they feel supported by their team and managers to come forward with or try new ideas and what gets in the way of them trying out new ideas in their department.

Nesta said it was particularly interested in surveying Nursing Times readers as they have some of the most creative and innovative ideas, which may not be being heard or acted upon by managers.

In addition, they said they specifically wanted to get the views of those who worked directly with patients or people with lived experience across the whole of the health and social care system.

The results of the survey, which is now live, will be revealed in July at the Nesta Health Summit, which is set to focus on leadership. 

Halima Khan, executive director of Health, people and impact at Nesta, said: “Our summit this year is set to focus on the need for bold and fresh models of leadership that will help us take on the challenges we face in the health and care system today.

“In particular, we’re interested in models of leadership that empower the frontline to help solve problems and create new ways of working,” said Ms Khan.

“Ahead of it, we want to have a better understanding of how easy or difficult it is to try out new ideas at the frontline and the extent to which staff feel supported to come forward and try out new ideas,” she said.

She added: “We really appreciate you taking the time to fill out our survey. Your views will add new insights, building on five years of Nesta’s work testing innovative approaches to improving services and care.”

Over the last five years, Nesta’s 100 Day Challenge programmes have found innovative methods which try and test ideas from the front line can radically improve care and patient outcomes.