Future Perfect partners with Benenden Hospital to provide interfaces to oncology systems

Future Perfect (Healthcare), a company aiming to make healthcare maximally intelligent through integration and open standards technologies, has provided the interfaces to the new EPR system that went live in March at Benenden Hospital in Kent.

Benenden Hospital had been looking for a flexible new EPR system that fits its cultural and technical needs as a leading private hospital of charitable status within the South East. In 2019 they selected Compucare as their system and Future Perfect was engaged to facilitate a major part of the project involving the integration of data from departments throughout the hospital.

The project commenced in March 2020 and the system went fully live in March 2021.

Prior to this implementation, the consultant would have to jump between different systems in order to access the data they need to provide treatment. The integration and liberation of the data from the previous supplier’s system has allowed clinicians to provide elevated, more timely care with accurate, accessible data.

Jon Reed, Chief Digital Officer at Future Perfect comments,“The interfacing work is a key part of this exciting project to create a more agile, innovative system at  Benenden Hospital. At Future Perfect we’re focused on making sure that data that isn’t beholden to a single vendor. We’re delighted to see how successful this has been for Benenden Hospital, and look forward to continuing our work with the team there on future projects, helping patients to access the care they need and deserve.”

Mo Khan, Consultant Program Manager at Benenden Hospital, comments on the partnership, “On this project, you wouldn’t know the project board was made of a variety of suppliers. There have been no competing priorities, with harmony created throughout the project. They all came together and shared best practice, with the team at Future Perfect taking the governance this project demands very seriously and proving themselves to be ideal business partners.”

Claire Harley, Director of Patient Services at Benenden Hospital experienced the role of a patient during a ‘practice run’ of the new system, including improved text reminders, email functionality, a more agile and progressive system, with the future capability of  new features such as self check-in and online booking. She concludes, “The new patient administration  system enables us to be more timely in communications, and allows for paper light options that are more environmentally conscious. We’ve had great feedback from the clinicians and staff using the system so far, too.

“It’s very humbling to work at a place like Benenden Hospital. With Covid creating new challenges for us as a hospital, Future Perfect has become a trusted business partner for us.”

Future Perfect’s relationship with Benenden Hospital has its origins in the contact of Future Perfect’s founders’ colleague, the late Will Seabrook, where they worked together at the IT Health Partnership and for whom  Benenden Hospital was his selected charity. The momentum for the work on this project was bolstered by his drive to propel the hospital towards a new EPR system.