GC Aesthetics launch new breast implant PERLE™

GC Aesthetics® Ltd. (GCA), a global medical device company with 40 years of experience, has announced the launch of the next generation of GCA breast implants, PERLE™.

PERLE™ is a novel Round Breast Implant with (R)evolutionary BioQ™– Surface technology and highly cohesive Emunomic™ Breast Tissue Dynamic Gel.  

Backed by GC Aesthetics’ global reputation for long-term safety, and more than three million implants sold over the last 10 years1, PERLE™ gives patients and surgeons a new alternative for aesthetic and reconstruction procedures. 

With key features such as its (R)evolutionary BioQ™-surface, exclusive Emunomic™ Breast Tissue Dynamic Gel, Enhanced GCA Ultra-link shell, Advanced RRE patch, PERLE™ represents the evolution of smooth opaque breast implants. Carlos Reis Pinto, CEO at GC Aesthetics said:

“Nothing beats the excitement of having the chance to announce the launch of our new revolutionary smooth opaque breast implant: PERLE™.

“With PERLE™, we complete our range of breast implants to best suit each patient’s and plastic surgeon’s individual needs.  We back our commitment of being a global medical device company focused on aesthetic surgery, women’s health and patient security through a broad portfolio of secure and innovative solutions.”

The technology of PERLE™

The scientific features at the heart of this implant’s development led GC Aesthetics to choose the product’s name and slogan, as Mr. Pinto explains: 

“A pearl is a unique, lustrous gem, that conveys safety, security, but also premium, luxury and art… and that is what our PERLE™ is, a response to the market’s, plastic surgeons’, and patients’ needs: it is, the Art of Science.”

PERLE’s (R)evolutionary BioQ™-Surface is developed with reverse surface technology1. With this new surface, GC Aesthetics has taken advantage of the benefits associated with low surface roughness – such as reduced inflammation2, easier placement and incision3, as well as lower risk of capsular contracture4. 

PERLE’s exclusive Emunomic™ Breast Tissue Dynamic Gel is the first 6th generation gel which is highly cohesive, virtually unbreakable and gives projection, fullness and firmness1. 

Its softness yet cohesivity gives surgeons the potential for smaller incisions, easier insertion that can contribute to minimized trauma and as PERLE™ is 100% gel-filled, associated with the reduced potential of wrinkling3. 

GCA completes its offering to plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons across the world with the launch of PERLE™. It now offers a full range of different textures, fillings, sizes and projections1 that will better suit each patient’s individual needs. 

Despite the challenges of 2020, PERLE™ is GC Aesthetics’ third launch of the year after HydroCone, its breast delivery system, and the addition of the new Comfort Plus Warranty™. With more new products in development for the coming years, GC Aesthetics® is confident it has a bright future ahead. 

Ron Cosmas, CCO at GC Aesthetics added:

“GCA has no plans of slowing down.  We will continue to expand upon the most diversified product on the market today to ensure that we can meet the needs of each surgeon and each individual unique patient.  We will remain committed to leverage our technical expertise, forged by over 40 years of dedication to women around the world to offer the safest, most reliable products”. 

Protected by the GCA Comfort Plus Warranty™

A key benefit of PERLE™ breast implants is that they are covered by the GCA Comfort Plus Warranty™, a comprehensive lifetime warranty on all GC Aesthetics’ breast implants.

This warranty covers free of charge replacement of the implants in the event of rupture, free of charge replacement of the implants in the event of capsular contracture (Grade III or IV on the Baker scale) and free of charge replacement of implants and costs for surgery up to $3,000 in a clinically diagnosed and confirmed case of BIA-ALCL.

The GCA Comfort Plus Warranty™ shows the company’s commitment to women’s health and their complete confidence in the safety of their products.

How to order PERLE™

PERLE™ will first be available in the British, French, Italian, Spanish and German markets as of October 2020. Coverage to additional markets is expected to be announced in 2021.

For more information regarding PERLE™, surgeons can visit the GC Aesthetics website or email: mailto:[email protected]