Hardworking nurses welcome revolutionary new rewards programme

Hardworking health professionals at a forward thinking nursing agency have welcomed an exciting new initiative that offers them a range of additional benefits in appreciation of the long hours and hard work that they put in to providing patient care.

Birmingham based CareNow 365 (https://www.carenow365.co.uk/ have introduced the scheme which includes gift vouchers and luxury weekends away to reward the “dedication and tireless commitment” of its nursing staff who work with a wide range of hospitals and healthcare providers throughout the UK, often providing emergency cover at short notice.

CareNow 365 CEO, Pavan Sharma believes that many agency nurses often feel undervalued and poorly rewarded for the work that they do and that more agencies should follow CareNow 365’s lead and stop taking healthcare professionals for granted.

“Without agency nurses, the NHS and many care providers would simply grind to a halt,” explains Pavan. “Our nursing staff provide exceptional care and support and whilst we already pride ourselves on how we look after our people, we felt that there was more that we could do to recognise their efforts.

Under the scheme, nurses will accrue loyalty points according to how many hours they work which can be redeemed for rewards such as a shopping voucher after just 200 hours work or a weekend away when they achieve 365 hours.

“A Registered Nurse working full time will can look forward to a shopping spree every 6 weeks,” says Pavan. “And 4 weeks after that they can take a friend or loved one and treat them to a luxury weekend away. Nursing is hard work and we hope these rewards will give our nursing staff something to look forward to.”

CareNow 365 nurse, Milly, thinks that the rewards programme is a fantastic idea.

“Working for an agency is great because it gives you loads of variety, but it can be a bit thankless and lonely at times. Something like this makes me feel part of a team and much more valued than I do at some of the other agencies.

Pavan also hopes that the scheme will inspire more nurses to join CareNow 365. “We are always on the look out for great health professionals who are as committed as we are to providing exceptional service and patient care. We have loads of different opportunities every day so we would love to hear from nurses, healthcare assistants and care staff who share the same professional desire that we do.”

Health professionals looking to learn more about CareNow365 can call 0808 1696 365 or email the team at [email protected]