Health Assured to provide free live wellbeing webinars for NHS staff

The UK’s leading health and wellbeing provider, Health Assured, is during the week of 23rd November exclusively offering NHS staff four FREE wellbeing webinars to support them as they deal with the second wave of coronavirus as well as annual winter pressures.

Health Assured currently support 50 NHS trusts and are always looking for new ways to help support NHS staff as they work tirelessly to protect the health of the nation throughout the covid pandemic. The organisation hopes that the live wellbeing webinars will provide staff with some much-needed advice which they can use positively in their lives and give them a healthy advantage in the coming months.

The webinars will be delivered via Zoom, and users will just need a Zoom-capable device to access them. Each webinar is expertly crafted by Health Assured’s team of in-house specialists, and guest speakers. Discussion topics include mindfulness, resilience, trauma awareness and the importance of sleep.

David Price, CEO of Health Assured, said:

“During this stressful and uncertain time, NHS staff have been facing enormous challenges while also trying to maintain their mental health and wellbeing. We want to do all we can to support them through these difficult times, and we hope these innovative wellbeing webinars will provide some essential help. The task the NHS is currently facing is daunting on every front, but it’s critical to their health, their patients and our country that their wellbeing is taken care of.

Price added: “Many people will find their mental health challenged at some point in their lives, especially during these testing times. Last month, Health Assured received the highest volume of calls, (24,964 in total) since the beginning of the pandemic. With the continued uncertainty about what the future holds, which will likely cause more anxiety and stress, we feel this upward trend will, unfortunately, continue, so it’s important people who work at the NHS or not seek support.”

To sign up to just one, two, or even all four webinars, click here

If you have any queries regarding Health Assured’s webinars, please contact the events team at [email protected].