Healthcare provider invests £1.5m in hospital extension and creates 75 jobs

A transition-focused healthcare provider supporting adults with complex mental health problems, autism, learning disabilities and neurological conditions across Wales is set to invest over £1.5 million into expanding its facilities.

Ludlow Street Hospital has announced plans to extend St Peter’s Hospital in Newport in a bid to meet the growing need for care provision for people with neurodegenerative diseases.

The extension at St Peters, which has just been awarded the highest service ranking from the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW), will be completed over three phases and is set to create 75 jobs.

Phase one will add an additional 4,542 ft of space to the hospital, which specialises in assessing, treating, and rehabilitating people with complex dementias, Huntington’s Disease and acquired brain injuries.

This first phase will include six new beds on the ground floor, adding to the 33 already available, along with spacious living and dining areas, a kitchen, and nurse’s station. The first floor will house a conference room and offices.

To support the running of the new extension, 25 new jobs, including support staff, nurses, and catering roles, will also be created.

The first phase is set to be completed by the end of June in preparation for service users to move in later in the summer.

As with the existing hospital facilities, the design will incorporate many dementia-friendly features recommended by the University of Stirling, Dementia Services Development Centre.

Meanwhile phase two, which is due to start construction later in the year, will add an extra 12 beds and require a further 50 new staff.

Overall the extension is aiming to add an extra 23 beds to the Newport hospital, with a start date for a third phase to be confirmed soon.

Jane Watkins, Deputy Chairman at Ludlow Street Healthcare explained that the extension would be a much needed addition to St Peter Hospital, enabling them to support even more people across Wales. The increased specialist service provision also means that Welsh patients who are presently being cared for outside of Wales will be able to return and live closer to home and their families.

Ms Watkins said:

“We are delighted to be able to announce the St Peter’s Hospital extension project, which we feel will significantly enhance the highly regarded treatment and rehabilitation service we already offer.

“There are currently 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK, and due to people living longer and changing lifestyles, this is forecast to increase to one million.

“This construction project, along with the extra staff and facilities means we will be better able to meet the growing requirement for specialist neuropsychiatric care.

“We have long believed that St Peter’s Hospital is a leader in the care of people with neurodegenerative disorders, and we feel that this significant investment and new build will reinforce this position.”

Ludlow Street Healthcare is a specialist provider of care for adults over the age of 18 with complex mental health problems, autism, learning disabilities, and neurological conditions including dementia and acquired brain injuries.

It provides transition-focused healthcare and bespoke step-down services, including specialist assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and education, throughout Wales and the South West of England.

In addition to St Peters Hospital, the organisation operates numerous sites, including Pinetree Hospital and Heatherwood Court, which each specialise in areas including the treatment, support, and rehabilitation of people with learning disabilities and mental health disorders. The group also operates Beechwood College a specialist further education establishment for young adults on the Autism Spectrum , and Ocean Community Services which manages small residential step-down and rehabilitation homes within community settings.