Healthcare services supplier Matrix247 expands service offer after acquisition

MATRIX247, which provides telecoms and mobile solutions to healthcare providers across the UK, has extended its product offer following the acquisition of Task Office Systems.

Set up by Stephen Pritchard and Geoff Wright in 1991, Matrix247 has grown to become the country’s largest independent provider of telephone and communications systems to the healthcare sector.

The deal means the company is now also able to provide Microsoft Office products, IT support and digital photocopiers with document management to its existing range of services.

Pritchard says a surge in demand for technology and systems that enable new ways of working triggered by lockdown, coupled with a general movement to paperless offices, endorse the decision to expand now.

“The lockdown has changed peoples’ attitudes to technology forever. There is no going back. Home-based working means that firms need agile and seamless integration between home and office.

“We have received a flood of calls from healthcare providers who admit they’d been resistant to change in the past but now recognise the need to protect their business by embracing evolving technologies, such as integrating Microsoft Teams with their existing telecoms and mobile devices.

“Ironically, this prompted us to examine how we could future proof our own business. Bolstering our core activities by investing in a Microsoft partner of 30 years standing was the obvious strategic path so we’ve accelerated our growth strategy.

“There is a clear convergence between all the things that make a modern office function efficiently – telecoms, mobiles, software, IT support, cyber security, digital print, document management, scanning, archiving and shredding.  Our healthcare customers will now benefit from having all of these essential business functions from one source, bringing greater efficiency, cost savings, improved client experience and more billable hours.

“Taking decisive action was a no brainer for us. To echo the words of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, we’ve seen years of digital transformation in just months.”

Although well established in the healthcare services sector, Pritchard believes Matrix247 is now positioned to target bigger operators and compete with larger players in the market.

“Being a family-run business is a big bonus.  No matter how much we grow, we will never lose our appetite for providing unparalleled advice and exceptional service,” he adds.