Leading medical technology company, Elos Medtech, uses Workbooks CRM to streamline communications and optimise operations

Workbooks, the world’s number one CRM for customer satisfaction, has enabled Elos Medtech – a 100-year-old Swedish leading development and production partner for medical devices and components – to streamline communications, improve customer interactions and optimise business operations.

With 500 employees and five production sites globally that each manage their own customer data, Elos Medtech operates across different currencies, different languages and different processes. Each of these production sites used their own ERP system which consisted mainly of notes and were saved in various places and formats. The company therefore required a CRM system that could streamline its data management and allow for one central point to suit the needs of the whole business, provide more information to sales teams, as well as invest in a system that could grow with them.

“We have now fully integrated Workbooks CRM with four ERP systems,” explains Malin Gustavsson, Head of Marketing, Elos Medtech. “This has made it a really effective project for us. To fully combine the separate processes that we were using before into one central system has transformed the way that we are able to operate and access data. This has also allowed us to improve communication and customer interactions.”

With a single, shared view of data and processes, Elos Medtech can now ensure that it is working and communicating optimally and efficiently.

“We felt the dedication of the Workbooks team from the very start of the project,” says Malin. “The Shared Success workshop was very important for us because our production sites did not see the benefit from the global sharing of data. This workshop allowed us to work with the Workbooks team to really explore what we could achieve together, and then communicate the benefit to the team.

“It involved an in-depth analysis of our current working practices and tailored recommendations as to how Workbooks CRM could help across many business areas. From this interaction with the team, they walked us through the whole process and we really felt that we were in good hands. What we most appreciate is that the team is available 24/7 and is hands-on, helping us to quickly solve any challenges that arise.”

Since implementing Workbooks, Elos Medtech has been able to achieve greater visibility of business processes and alignment across the company, contributing to an increased customer experience, more confidence for the sales team and improved communications with one voice for the customer. Elos Medtech is now planning a global launch to revitalise the CRM system in Memphis, and training in Sweden, Denmark and in China. The team has scheduled weekly meetings to further increase the customer experience with help from Workbooks.

John Cheney, CEO of Workbooks, comments: “We pride ourselves on our approach to working collaboratively with clients and being on hand for their needs. It has been great to work with Elos Medtech in this way and to tailor our CRM platform to suit their business objectives. We look forward to continuing to build on this relationship and helping Elos Medtech with their global launch to improve the customer experience further.”