Medallia Announces Telemedicine Suite for Healthcare Organisations to Streamline Telehealth and Optimise Patient Experience

Medallia, Inc. (NYSE: MDLA), the global leader in experience management, has announced Medallia Telemedicine Suite, the most comprehensive and disruptive telehealth care delivery and experience optimisation solution on a single platform to streamline telehealth processes and improve the patient experience.

“Capturing real-time signals from patients and consumers regarding their telehealth visits enables us to enhance the patient experience and deliver optimal care,” said Tom Laymon, senior vice president and chief of care delivery operations for Atrium Health.

Medallia’s new and innovative solution includes:

  • A video communication platform allowing patients to record videos that are automatically analysed using machine learning to prioritise high-risk patients, alert providers for further review to determine appropriate care, and give patients an opportunity to leave feedback throughout the process.
  • Contactless SMS communications to safely and securely schedule appointments and quickly diagnose symptoms remotely.
  • Real-time feedback mechanism on patient experiences throughout the entire patient journey whether digital, telehealth or in person.
  • The ability to identify themes and trends across the entire patient population with the use of AI and machine learning.

“With Medallia LivingLens patients can leave video and feedback for physicians at all stages of the healthcare process and they can use Medallia Zingle to securely communicate with their doctors and caregivers. Physicians can use our ideas platform to crowdsource symptom analysis and therapy advice across their networks. Patients can leave feedback on treatment and therapy experiences in real time,” said Sarika Khanna, chief product officer for Medallia.

As the demand for telehealth surges, doctors are navigating uncharted waters with the use of phone consultations, live telehealth visits and recorded video visits. Medallia’s new solution helps healthcare systems increase access to care, streamline and improve care across the entire delivery system and understand how patients feel about their new healthcare journeys. Healthcare systems using Medallia to obtain telehealth feedback and are identifying areas for provider coaching and training and how to train first on new solutions.

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