MEDIAN launches knowledge website on Long Covid

Whether it’s shortness of breath, chronic fatigue, memory disorders, depression, anxiety or pain: the spectrum of long-lasting symptoms after Covid-19 is wide. Under the generic term ‘Long Covid’, these symptoms are preoccupying medical professionals worldwide. Long Covid describes a broad range of health disorders that can occur following Covid-19 infection. MEDIAN, Germany’s largest provider of rehabilitation services, has now collated, and published, its comprehensive findings on the subject on this website:

“No patient should have to do without this valuable knowledge,” says MEDIAN CEO Dr André M. Schmidt. “Our goal is to provide fast, high-quality, comprehensive help to the estimated 370,000 people suffering from the after-effects of their SARS-CoV-2 infection in Germany.” The material MEDIAN is publishing is unique: it ranges from exact definition of symptoms, to findings from studies and research, to concrete diagnostic and treatment advice as well as specialist information for doctors, Long Covid outpatient clinics, and funding agencies. The basis for all this is the extensive experience the hospital group has garnered from more than 120 of its hospitals since the very beginning of the pandemic.

Exchange of information ‘highly desirable’

“At MEDIAN, we have treated around 2,000 patients in a year with Long Covid, post infection. That is more than any other hospital group in Germany,” says MEDIAN COO Dr Florian Frensch. “We think it is time to initiate a wide-ranging, authoritative dialogue among those patients affected, doctors and scientists so we can make decisive progress – together – in combating this insidious disease.” The new website is intended to provide a platform for this. On it, patients can find self-help groups and information from other sufferers, receive information on Long Covid rehabilitation at MEDIAN, and use a ‘symptom checker’ to check how their health has been impaired – and how it can improve – after overcoming acute illness. Doctors, scientists and therapists can find reports based on first-hand experience, proven treatment suggestions and therapy plans, and videos with detailed medical discussions of complex cases. Extensive reports and documents are available for download, and online events – including conferences in real time – are also possible via the site.

Continuous gain in knowledge

To bring the latest findings to the site, MEDIAN has set up its own expert committee, the Long Covid Medical Board. MEDIAN’s lead physicians have been analysing their treatment results on a weekly basis since the beginning of the year. In a unique process, they combine findings from the specialist clinics for pneumology (diseases involving the respiratory tract), orthopaedics, neurology, internal medicine, cardiology and psychosomatics, and prepare them for the website. Data and treatment results from the UK, where MEDIAN is integrating with the Priory Group, are also to be incorporated. “We are creating a database here that is unique in Germany – if not in Europe,” says Dr Jördis Frommhold, Chief Physician of the Department of Respiratory Diseases and Allergies at the MEDIAN Clinic Heiligendamm and spokesperson for the Medical Board. Co-spokesman Dr Per Otto Schüller, Head Physician of the Cardiology and Pneumology Departments at the MEDIAN Clinic Flechtingen, adds: “At MEDIAN, we have built up a culture of intensive medical exchange, and shared knowledge over the past six years. We will bring this experience to the website, in order to achieve the most intensive, and fruitful, co-operation possible for the benefit of all patients.”

Treatment concepts for post Covid and Long Covid

MEDIAN was involved in the health management of the Covid-19 pandemic at an early stage – with four concepts for post-Covid rehabilitation. These were developed by interdisciplinary medical boards and offered uniformly at all of the Group’s clinics with the corresponding speciality. These include: specific pneumological post-corona rehabilitation, interdisciplinary post-corona rehabilitation, specific psychosomatic post-corona rehabilitation, and specific addiction post-corona rehabilitation. In all cases, the treatment approach takes into account the comprehensive somatic, neurological, psychological and social impairments of the individual, and the wider social consequences of the pandemic. In this way, the best possible rehabilitation is achieved. The experience gained in this process has now been incorporated into the development of a Long Covid Rehab concept, which emphasises the interdisciplinary, and individual, approach to treatment. Contents are reflected on the website.


The clinics of the MEDIAN Group of Companies are among the best rehabilitation clinics in Germany, with outstanding competence in rehabilitation and participation. In 2019/2020, around a third of them were able to position themselves in top positions for the third time: 28 top places in the audits by the German Pension Insurance, 16 awards in the F.A.Z. 2020 ranking and 36 winning places among the best rehabilitation clinics in 2021 by FOCUS, as well as numerous regional awards. Well-known MEDIAN head physicians are listed as Germany’s top physicians by FOCUS. Around 120 clinics and facilities, 18,500 beds and treatment places and approx. 15,000 employees in 13 federal states make MEDIAN the largest private operator of rehabilitation facilities in Germany.

MEDIAN is in the process of integrating with the Priory Group, the UK’s leading independent provider of rehabilitation and mental health services, currently with around 4,800 beds and 21,500 employees. More than 30,000 patients/service users are helped each year at more than 320 facilities nationwide.