New mobile technology set to improve nurse and patient bedside experience

Healthcare providers are increasingly adopting mobile technology for bedside care to reduce errors and improve patient experience – however, like any device, the need for confidentiality means a need for security – and manually entering passwords, which are often forgotten, can reduce the usefulness of the hand held tech.

Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, is now overcoming this by  partnering with Mobitrace to bring additional usability and security to technology at the bedside.

Imprivata Mobile Device Access is now available with Mobitrace NurseFlow enabling nurses and care givers to access patient information on shared mobile devices with just the tap of a proximity badge and single sign-on. This user-friendly, intuitive approach enables hospitals and care homes to benefit from the convenience of mobile devices while minimizing barriers to adoption.

Dr Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata commented;

“The use of mobile devices within the care setting can significantly reduce errors and potentially provide a better patient experience. However, the manual entry of user names and passwords can result in hundreds of hours per year of lost productivity – hours that are better spent on direct patient care. Imprivata Mobile Device Access recoups these hours, enables nurses and clinicians to focus on providing care to their patients, and allows the hospital to fully leverage the benefits of mobile technology.”

Mr. Tom Vanden Berk, Founder and Managing Partner at Mobitrace said:

“Our prospects and customers are looking for mobility solutions that improve their clinical workflows. Being able to log in using a tap of the badge instead of typing in passwords is not only more efficient but actually removes a potential barrier for the adoption of mobile devices in hospitals.”

The Mobitrace NurseFlow solution improves efficiency and streamlines admin associated with bedside care and treatment, meaning clinicians have more time with patients. NurseFlow provides mobile support for the following processes:

• Phlebotomy and blood transfusions
• Medication administration
• Wound care
• Vital signs and Early Warning Score(EWS)follow up
• Patient logistics
• Questionnaires

In addition, the solution can include features like secure messaging, To Do lists and memos.

Imprivata Mobile Device Access provides fast user sign-on and user switching for NurseFlow on shared mobile devices. Users are able to authenticate both to the device and the NurseFlow solution with a single tap of their badge. As well as saving time and maintaining security best practice this also preserves an accurate audit trail. Nurses and clinicians are able to hand over information at the end of their shifts to ensure continuity of care. Overviews of the latest activities performed and measurements/readings taken are easily and quickly accessible.