Nurses gather from across the globe for ICN congress

The congress, which runs from 27 June until 1 July, will give thousands of nurses the opportunity to build relationships and disseminate best practices in nursing and health-related knowledge.

“It is imperative to have the nursing voice at the policy table”

Annette Kennedy

It will also see nurses exploring the many ways in which their work can help to achieve universal access to health and address the social determinants of health including education, gender equality and poverty.

The ICN is a membership federation of more than 130 national nurse associations around the world which works to ensure sound health policies and quality care across the globe.

This year’s congress is being hosted by the Singapore Nurses Association with a theme of “Beyond Healthcare to Health”.

Speaking ahead of the launch, ICN president, Annette Kennedy, said the theme would never be achieved without investment in nursing and nurses or without nurses being involved in policies at all levels.

She said: “This congress will inform nurses about ICN’s work, health care and nursing issues globally.

“Students are the future of our profession”

Howard Catton 

“It will encourage nurses as patient advocates to contribute to health policy at national, regional and local level,” she said. “It is imperative to have the nursing voice at the policy table.”

The congress will also mark the ICN’s 120th anniversary and will showcase an exhibition of the organisation’s history, right from its early beginnings up until its status now.

Ahead of the congress more than 340 student nurses from around the world met at the ICN Student Nursing Assembly yesterday to discuss the future of nursing and how student nurses can influence it.

Student nurses discussed key topics such as social media and mental health, transition to practice and early career leadership.

Speaking about the assembly, ICN chief executive, Howard Catton, said: “Students are the future of our profession. That’s why we must both support and listen to them and why they are such an important group within the ICN family.”