OCL Vision celebrates five years of growth with 12,000 annual patient appointments

OCL Vision, an independent eye surgery provider, marks its five-year milestone with notable achievements in patient care and technology investment. The company, founded in December 2018, has observed an increase in demand for private treatment amid NHS England waiting lists exceeding 7.7 million.

In the past year alone, OCL Vision conducted 12,000 patient appointments across its three clinics in London and Hertfordshire. This rise in patient numbers reflects a trend of individuals opting for private surgery rather than enduring extended waits for NHS treatment, especially as some private hospitals reduce their ophthalmology departments.

Distinguishing itself as the only surgeon-owned, comprehensive private eye care group in England, OCL Vision has grown its team to 80 professionals, including 10 consultant ophthalmic surgeons and 12 specialist optometrists, from its initial 11-member team.

Operating clinics in Marylebone and Kensington in London, as well as Elstree in Hertfordshire, OCL Vision invested £5 million in medical technology and capital assets. This investment ensures its surgeons have access to the latest treatment options available in the UK.

Looking forward to 2024, OCL Vision plans to expand its ‘hub and spoke’ model by opening additional sites in the Home Counties and Midlands. This expansion aims to provide patients with the convenience of initial consultations and aftercare closer to home, reserving flagship London clinics for surgical procedures.

As larger private healthcare providers scale back their ophthalmology services, OCL Vision is positioning itself as a center of excellence and advocate for cohesive ophthalmic care. In 2024, the company will extend its Shared Care Partnership Programme, collaborating with optometrists to enhance patient choice and community care. Additionally, OCL Vision aims to strengthen ties with academia through the OCL Vision Academy, fostering partnerships with universities to contribute to the education of the next generation of optometrists.

Paresh Patel, CEO of OCL Vision, expressed pride in the company’s achievements, stating, “Our 12,000 patient appointments per year milestone is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. From our humble beginnings, we have tripled our number of sites and grown our caring and professional staff to 80. Our mission remains steadfast – to provide the highest quality eye care and make our services accessible to as many people as possible.”

“As we look to the future,” Patel continued, “OCL Vision is poised for national expansion, targeting the Home Counties and the Midlands. We aim to continue going from strength to strength, showcasing our resilience and unwavering commitment to growth in the coming years.”