Off-duty sister helps fellow nurse trapped by car accident

Accident and emergency sister, Sally Barley, stayed with primary care nurse Caroline Fox who was involved in a two-vehicle crash, until paramedics and fire crews came to rescue her.

“It is difficult to express how much those kind words meant at a time when we were in shock”

Ron Fox

Being one of the first to arrive at the scene, Ms Barley carried out initial assessments and communicated with paramedics over the phone.

After the paramedics arrived, she then assisted them in breaking the window to gain access to the passenger side of the car, where she then comforted Ms Fox who was trapped inside.

The off-duty nurse then stayed with Ms Fox, who was trapped in her car for 90 minutes, until fire crews arrived and began cutting the car apart.

Despite having just finished a night shift, Ms Barley also offered support to Ms Fox’s husband Ron, who although not involved in the accident, experienced “shock”.

As a result of the accident, Ms Fox had five fractured ribs, cracked vertebrae and three dislocated toes.

She was then taken to hospital, where Ms Barley took time to visit her on the ward after her following shift to check how she was.

“I cannot praise Sally enough. She was absolutely brilliant and really calming”

Caroline Fox

Speaking about the incident, Ms Barley said: “You have to work with what you’ve got. At work, you have everything there you need.

“I was in the right place at the right time,” said Ms Barley. “I am just glad I could help, and I am thankful she is okay.”

Ms Fox has since praised the nurse for her help during the accident.

“I cannot praise Sally enough,” said Ms Fox. “She was absolutely brilliant and really calming.”

Ms Fox, who works as a practice nurse at West Town Surgery in Barton-Upon-Humber, is now recovering at home.

Her husband Ron said: “It is difficult to express how much those few kind words and gestures meant at a time when we were both in shock.

“Such actions and concern deserve some sort of recognition,” he added.