Omniya Clinic offers virtual Hormone Replacement Therapy consultations

A popular health and aesthetics clinic in London is now offering digital consultation, so patients can still seek advice, support and treatment with medical and skin concerns during the lockdown.

With skin clinics, spas and salons closed across the UK, Omniya Clinic in Knightsbridge is ensuring patients can still access consultations for important medical treatments. The clinic is currently offering digital consultations for those seeking Botox and dermal filler treatments. A limited number of treatments are offered for medical purposes, where essential, to help treat issues such as teeth grinding or excessive sweating. Omniya Clinic is also ensuring that those seeking treatments for HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) or TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) can book virtual and face to face appointments with their specialists.

HRT and TRT consultations involve taking a detailed medical history from the patient, discussing the symptoms caused by decreasing hormone levels (for example, their testosterone, progesterone or oestrogen levels), discussing the pros and cons of treatment, discussing the consent process, and analysing hormone levels, lifestyle and goals to inform the best HRT and TRT treatments for the patient.
Virtual consultations for Botox and filler are there for those who want to discuss using these treatments for various medical concerns.

The physical clinic has scaled down the in-clinic appointments since December, when the government introduced a third national lockdown. The move to offer virtual appointments has made Omniya Clinic’s treatments accessible to people throughout the UK, rather than those that live near the physical clinic, and ensures that patients can continue accessing consultations for medical concerns during the lockdown.

Danyal Kader, director of Omniya Clinic explains: “It’s important for us all to adapt in these challenging times, ensuring that patients are able to access care in a safe and effective way. HRT and TRT are essential for many people, so it’s fantastic to be able to offer these consultations virtually.”

Omniya Clinic’s treatments aim to support customers with internal and external health and wellbeing. Their services range from Botox, dermal fillers and other aesthetic and skin treatments to surgical procedures and Hormone Replacement Therapy for both men and women.