Oxygen Therapy Revives Toddler’s Brain

This interesting report from Web MD details how a critically ill Arkansas toddler has seen reversal of severe brain injury thanks to hyberbaric oxygen therapy after nearly drowning.


The saga began with every parent’s nightmare. Just one day shy of her 2nd birthday, Eden Carlson nearly drowned in the family pool. The little girl was found floating face down, unresponsive.

Eden was found alive, but her chances of pulling through were assessed as not being good after 100 minutes of CPR at both the house and the emergency room to get a return of circulation.

We’ll let you read the full story at the Web MD site, but this could have fantastic implications even in older patients.

Since Eden’s remarkable story, Dr. Paul Harch, who treated her, claims other research has had similar results if patients are treated within the first week, saying:

“In fact, there are now four other trials that have come out, all in adults, that indicate that you can reduce the death rate of acute brain injury patients by nearly 50 to 60 percent if you apply this in the first week after injury,”

A great read and well worth a click,