Patriot One’s Xtract AI division working with Canexia Health to increase access to cancer testing

Xtract Technologies Inc. (“Xtract AI”)  is pleased to announce a new project contract with Canexia Health (formerly Contextual Genomics) and supported by the Digital Technology Supercluster.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many areas of life, including the diagnosis and treatment of other health conditions, people have chosen to forgo care in attempts to minimize their potential exposure to the Coronavirus. Cancer patients are twice as likely to contract COVID-19, and three times as likely to die from it, compared to the general population. However, by avoiding time spent in medical facilities to limit exposure to the virus, patients are delaying treatment and their disease may spread further. At least 100,000 surgeries in Canada, including cancer tissue biopsies, have been delayed or postponed since early March because of COVID-19.

Project ACTT (Access to Cancer Testing & Treatment in Response to COVID-19) aims to provide a liquid biopsy solution, that requires only a simple blood draw, as an alternative to surgical tissue biopsies. This minimally invasive DNA test, which can be delivered remotely, will then be analyzed by artificial intelligence technology to identify circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in plasma, and matches patients with targeted treatments shown to improve outcomes. Not only will this reduce a patient’s need to attend medical facilities, it will also increase health system capacity for those with recurrent or metastatic lung, breast, or colon cancer.

Other partners in the project include AstraZeneca Canada, Queen’s University, the Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory Association, Genolife, emtelligent, Novateur, Semaphore Solutions and Illumina. Xtract AI will develop, train, and deploy Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to assist in the management, understanding, and integration of semi-structured information from a mutation and cancer-type database.

Martin Cronin, Patriot One Technologies CEO, said “knowing how far reaching the effects of COVID-19 are, we’re delighted to be involved in another project utilizing artificial intelligence, and our team’s expertise, in an effort to significantly, and hopefully positively, impact the lives of cancer patients.”

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