Physiotherapy and Counselling can continue under Welsh ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown rules

The CSP and the Welsh Government have confirmed that private Physiotherapists can continue treating patients in Wales under the circuit-breaker lockdown rules which came into force last Friday, and there are no restrictions on travel for healthcare appointments.

Welsh physiotherapists have responded to the news with reassurance for their clients.

Prominent South Wales neurophysiotherapist, Sara Davis, Clinical Director at NeuroPhysio Wales, said in a statement:

“Physiotherapy and neurophysiotherapy are first-line rehabilitation treatments for many healthcare conditions, and private clinics such as NeuroPhysioWales can relieve some of the burden on oversubscribed NHS services at this time – we are delighted that the Welsh Government and the CSP have given physiotherapy clinics the go ahead to continue treating patients.

“Our clients can be reassured that every recommended precaution is in place to keep them safe during treatment, we are following every guideline laid out by the Society and the Welsh Government. Particularly in the case of neurophysiotherapy treatment, it is really important that regular treatments are maintained or vital progress could be lost.”

Rhian Davies, Leading Sports Physiotherapist and Clinical Director of wellbeing and sports therapy clinic, one2one Therapy, added:

“We were reassured to learn that face to face physiotherapy treatments, counselling, CBT and psychotherapy can continue throughout this circuit breaker lockdown. Our studio classes will still be available online.”

“Lockdowns have a big impact on mental and physical health, so it’s really important that patients are aware that help is readily available.  As well as our existing resources and services, we have expanded our range of free online resources, with exercise and mindfulness videos on our YouTube channel.  We also created a new mental health channel, called The Happy Train, where we talk openly about mental health live every Friday at 1pm.  On Sunday we launch a private wellbeing coaching group on Facebook ‘Get Your Vibe Up’, which will give subscribers daily advice and tips on lifestyle, nutrition, mindset and exercise.”

Both Sara and Rhian have expanded their clinics to include online physiotherapy services in tandem with in-person therapy. Rhian says:

“We already offered online physiotherapy prior to the pandemic, because it enabled us to reach a wider range of people who needed our help but could not make it to clinic appointments.  Lockdown took this to a whole new level for us.  All our studio classes can now be accessed online and we also offer exercise & rehabilitation sessions for individuals and groups. I am also offering online 1:1 health & wellness mentoring for those who may be struggling right now.”

Sara adds:

“We have always offered in home (and in care home) neurophysiotherapy for patients – as many of our patients struggle with mobility issues after a stroke or neurological condition. During the first lockdown, online was the only option for many of these vulnerable clients, so we quickly adapted to work online – and we were surprised at how much progress clients continued to make.  However, we do appreciate having the additional rehabilitation facilities at the clinic, so it’s great we can continue to work with clients in person too.”

The overwhelming message from physiotherapists across Wales is that pain and struggling is not inevitable and if you don’t want to wait for the NHS, private clinics are open, often affordable and provide rapid access to treatment.

Sara says:

“If you are in pain or have loss of function, don’t wait because it could get worse. Private Welsh physiotherapy clinics are very much open, and here to help.”