Physiotherapy company helping patients and NHS Trusts during COVID-19 crisis

Leading physiotherapy provider Physio Med has launched a new Telehealth service in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to enable patients to access physio support without leaving their houses.

And the service is also being made available to frontline staff at some NHS Trusts as they come under immense pressure during the crisis.

With the UK under lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, access to face-to-face physiotherapy provision is severely restricted for anyone suffering with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), such as back ache.

After clinics were required to close during lockdown, Physio Med drew on its extensive experience of providing remote physiotherapy services across the UK to create the new Telehealth service so that patients could continue to access its senior physiotherapists.

Anyone suffering with an injury or MSD can contact Physio Med by phone or email. The patient is then contacted by one of Physio Med’s senior physiotherapists for a 30-minute initial assessment, which includes a series of questions and movements to help provide a diagnosis. The patient is then advised on the best way to self-manage the condition through a bespoke exercise programme which can be communicated over the phone or through video exercise files that can be accessed via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Follow up appointments are then arranged as necessary to monitor progress and provide further advice, motivation and self-management techniques.

Physio Med has been able to launch the service quickly thanks to its 12 years of experience in providing its award-winning PAL (physiotherapy advice line) service to major national companies and NHS Trusts. PAL is used by organisations including the John Lewis Partnership and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, allowing them to provide timely and effective access to physiotherapy without waiting for NHS treatment. In turn, this enables organisations to keep their staff healthy and at work, or to help them return to work more quickly after they’ve been injured – saving the organisation significant amounts of money and increasing productivity.

The company has also launched a new remote DSE assessment process to help employers protect staff who are required to work from home. The two-stage video link assessment provides training and advice on adaptations to employees’ ‘at home’ workstations, as well as tips on postural awareness and equipment requirements. This is followed up with a written report to the employer.

Mark Fletcher, Clinical Director at Physio Med, said:

“Our new Telehealth service is transformative for anyone suffering with an injury or MSD, as they are currently unable to visit a physiotherapist and are being advised against visiting their GPs or local hospitals.

“By providing access to our senior physiotherapists, patients can receive the support and reassurance they need without putting additional strain on the NHS. Our national business clients, including the Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust and East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, are already switching to this service, so the frontline heroes who are working under intense pressure looking after patients suffering from the COVID-19 virus will be able to access the support they need as well.

“With more than a decade of experience in the field of telehealth we are ahead of the game in terms of setting up a robust and tried and tested system which will hopefully go a long way to providing peace of mind to patients at a time when they are likely to be more stressed than usual.”