PPE should not take a one size fits all approach

ASAP Innovations advises on the importance of choosing the correct PPE for varying workers as well as implementing a stricter selection process

Organisations must stop applying a one-size-fits-all approach to PPE and ensure workers are provided with protection specially designed for an intended use. This is according to leading glove and face mask manufacturer, ASAP Innovations which says that it’s imperative that distributors and purchasers understand the importance of tailoring PPE.

Providing suitable PPE has been at the epicentre of multiple news stories, with The Royal College of Nursing calling for an update on guidelines for suitable protective equipment. However, whilst PPE plays a major role in the healthcare industry, it is also vital in other industries such as agriculture and research laboratories, and the design and type of PPE that is required does not always fit a uniformed approach.

And, whilst ASAP Innovations continue to serve the requirements of more traditional PPE needs, the company is responding to serve other industries with a pipeline of niche products.

Sean Keller, Managing Director, ASAP Innovations says: “An effective safety programme will assess which, and what type of PPE is required when there are no other alternatives to protect an individual. But when it comes to determining the level of protection that is required to keep all parties involved safe, it is important the products are tailored specifically for the user’s needs. In recent months PPE has become a priority in people lives however, for many industries it has also been a necessity and getting the highest standard is an essential requirement.

“One of the most effective and reliable ways to prevent cross contamination from human to human, or damage to skin and hands when handling harmful substances is by using gloves. Protective gloves are the barrier between direct contact and are often needed in many industries. However, while prevention worker contamination is important across certain industries, it’s also vital to remember to use cleanroom gloves to prevent the cross-contamination of products.”

When selecting protective gloves, several options need to be considered: the work, the wearer and the environment that gloves are going to be used in. Looking at the following factors will also help you to determine the appropriate use of gloves:


X-Tra Thick X-Tended Nitrile

The X-Tra Thick X-Tended Nitrile examination gloves is a professional quality glove that provides complete protection against chemicals, sharp objects, oils, bacteria, and viruses. The glove contains no latex and no powder and is safe for people with latex allergies. Due to its durability and exceptional strength, the gloves are designed to last longer than standard gloves maximising on their durability.


Chemotherapy Gloves

Currently in their pipeline of niche products, Chemotherapy gloves will also be a pivotal form of PPE when handling toxic substances. These specific gloves have been tested for permeability against chemotherapy drugs, the right protection is crucial when dealing with chemotherapy medication as direct contact with the skin can cause major implications such as potential mutagenic, carcinogenic and teratogenic effects.


Chemical Resistant Gloves

Chemical resistant gloves are also currently in testing stages with ASAP Innovations. These gloves will ensure splash resistance against hazardous chemical exposures, and they can be used in a range of applications such as chemical candling, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, heavy-duty tasks in automotive and industrial sectors.


Cleanroom Gloves

For operators handling sensitive equipment, the powder free Cleanroom Latex gloves provide an ergonomic fit and increased tactile feel for greater precision in controlled environments. Completely cleaned to ensure low particle count.


Sean concludes, “Responding to an increased demand for specific and tailored PPE in a range of industries is intrinsic to the running of organisations, and ensuring that these niche markets are catered for is vital to ensure that the highest safety standards are met. We are in a strong position with our research and development team to make sure that we can cater to the requirements of a variety of sectors no matter what their job discipline.”

“It is always important to analyse the properties of each glove and how resistant each glove is against chemicals or harmful substances, and glove suitability should always be determined by the purchaser.

“Through diversifying and offering niche products across a variety of industries, ASAP Innovations offers certified PPE in more ways than most suppliers. Protecting and upholding safety standards across these industries is why ASAP Innovations set out to develop niche products for those who need it most” concludes Sean.

Based in Ireland and Malaysia, with over 30 years’ experience manufacturing disposable products and a commitment to hygiene control and quality assurance, ASAP Innovations has 150 certified product lines of gloves available to UK organisations. This includes specialised gloves specifically designed for cleanroom environments and a strong pipeline of niche products in the making such as for use when providing chemotherapy.

If you are looking for certified protection for your functional and practical needs, choose ASAP Innovations, where transparency and legitimacy are the priority.