Regional Care Group Rolls Out Wellness Initiatives to Carers Service Users

Hales Group has set up initiatives to promote exercise, wellness and mental health.

Regional care group Hales Group has announced a series of excellent wellness initiatives, which they’re sharing with both service users, carers, and their families to keep spirits high during Lockdown Three.

As part of the group’s broader commitment to the physical and emotional health of their service users and carers, they’ve put together activities and guides to aid wellness, physical health and self-care, with the following:

  • Weekly activity sheets, including quizzes, fun trivia, word searches and puzzles.
  • Continuing the online Zumba classes with professional instructor Andy Brown.
  • Seasonal activities which are themed around the time of year – the first of which was the RSPB Birdwatch.
  • The A-Z healthy food guide aimed to encourage a balanced diet with the right vitamins and minerals to promote health and wellness in the run-up to spring.

Although these may seem like small things, they can make a massive difference to the lives of service users who cannot enjoy social interaction with their family and friends at the moment.

Here’s what Kirton Lindsey service user M. Travis had to say when she called the Hales head office, “I’d like to thank Hales for the worksheets I’ve been receiving, what a lovely idea during these dull days and thank you for being such a great company.”

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