Specialist nurse helps patients to ‘camouflage’ scars

Maxillofacial and plastic surgery nurse specialist, Allison Weston, teaches patients at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) how to cover up their scars by using “special” make-up.

“I really enjoy helping to boost people’s confidence”

Allison Weston

The idea initially began as a six-month pilot in Ipswich, but following great success, the trust has now expanded the service for all patients across ESNEFT.

“Skin camouflage can make a huge difference to people and give them a real confidence boost and is also something they can learn to do themselves,” said Ms Weston.

The service, which is provided as part of the trust’s skin camouflage clinic, helps patients with facial disfigurements, acne marks, scars, surgical wounds and other skin conditions.

Ms Weston said she was “so pleased” that she will be able to offer this “potentially life-changing service” to all patients across the trust.

She explained how the make-up products used are thicker than normal, so patients can enjoy everyday activities without worrying that it might rub off.

“The products are very clever,” she said. “Some are thicker than normal make-up and are more difficult to rub off, so people can continue to enjoy activities such as swimming with the camouflage in place.

“We can also recreate stubble on someone’s chin, for example, which men with facial scars can find really useful,” she added.

“I really enjoy helping to boost people’s confidence and make a difference to their lives,” said Ms Weston.

The skin camouflage clinics run for half a day once a month.