Spirit Health Launches Free Prescribing Savings Audit

Free audit aims to identify opportunities for cost savings and areas of overspend, while giving time and resource back to NHS Medicines Optimisation teams

CCGs’ and health boards’ Medicine Optimisation (MO) teams deliver a crucial role in the existing healthcare architecture to improve patient care. Medicines are the most common therapeutic intervention and the second highest area of NHS spending after staffing costs. Medicines optimisation work, therefore, plays a vital role in improving health outcomes and ensuring the most efficient use of NHS resources. With Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) replacing and taking over commissioning functions from CCGs in April 2022, moving to a strategic resource planning approach, Medicines Optimisation will become one of the golden threads that run between all sectors of care, whether in prevention or treatment.

Spirit Health is therefore pleased to announce the launch of its free prescribing savings audit, designed to quickly identify opportunities for formulary cost rationalisation and improvements in patient pathways and quality of care while saving MO teams significant time and resource. The audit will be carried out using the latest prescribing data to benchmark a CCG’s spend levels against other, similar sized CCGs and national averages, highlighting key areas for significant savings.

Spirit’s prescribing saving audit will then give CCGs the capability to deliver on opportunities identified through its unique, fully managed, Active Implementation methodology. A key component of Spirit’s Medicines Optimisation service, this is a collaborative, transparent and product-agnostic approach, delivered by trained healthcare professionals, aligned to its corporate value of making health easy, for providers, healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Chris Barker, CEO, Spirit Health, comments: “Medicines optimisation sits at the heart of effective care delivery and therefore needs a long-term partnership approach, rather than one-off, product-specific interventions. Our prescribing savings audit and Active Implementation service are designed to do the heavy lifting that will release workforce time and capacity to focus on supporting the transition from CCGs to ICSs and the implementation of cross-sector working, improving communication, and encouraging joined-up provision.”

Spirit Health’s Medicines Optimisation service comprises:

  • A bespoke approach to Medicines Optimisation that addresses each MO team’s unique challenges;
  • An independent, free prescribing savings audit to identify opportunities for cost savings and care quality improvements;
  • An Active Implementation service, including patient audits and training and support to ensure a smooth transition;
  • Full auditability;
  • Identification of and help working towards objectives laid out in local Prescribing Quality Schemes where available, unlocking opportunities to acquire financial support.

Moreover, Spirit Health is able to offer a unique funding model, in line with each provider’s individual requirements, designed to facilitate the transition process as cost-effectively as possible.

Head of Medicines Management at a London CCG adds: “Spirit have the ability to make the complex simple. They take the time to understand requirements, create a simple solution and then they implement that simple solution well.”

For more information on Spirit Health’s Prescribing Savings Audit and Active Implementation Medicines Optimisation services, contact: meds-op-enquiries