Sterilisation Robot kills all Bacteria, Viruses and Microorganisms, including Coronavirus, using Ozone

Medical engineering specialists Ai Healthcare, have announced a new robot that could be a game changer in room sterilisation.

SteriSafe are leading the technological revolution in whole room sterilisation and have developed the only robot worldwide that can kill all bacteria, viruses and microorganisms on all surfaces by creating ozone from the surrounding atmosphere and then converting it back to oxygen.

Independent Research has confirmed that the SteriSafe Pro Robot Kills All Known Viruses, including Coronavirus

SteriSafe received multiple assurances, from independent laboratories, verifying the robot’s extreme effectiveness. Nevertheless, this is the first time that the robot’s effectiveness has been tested explicitly on the current outbreak. The German independent laboratory, Dr. Brill & Dr. Steinmann Institute for hygiene and microbiology, performed the test. The results demonstrate that the robot’s gases kill 99.999% of the virus, which meets the standard for disinfection.

The STERISAFE Robot’s Gases Kill All Known Viruses

It is not only Coronaviruses that can be tackled by the sterilisation robot, but all known viruses, bacteria and organisms, which could prove game-changing.

It works by the operator bringing the robot into the space that needs disinfection. The room is sealed (e.g. vents) and the operator and all other occupants exit. The robot then increases the humidity of the room and releases gas and ozone, killing all existing viruses and bacteria, including all surfaces, and cracks and corners of the room.

When disinfection is complete, the robot runs its process backward. The room is now disinfected, including door handles, beneath bed frames, and areas within the room deprived of light.

The only thing necessary for the robot to function is water and electricity, making it environmentally friendly. The staff can monitor the whole process via a tablet or another computing device and track when viruses are eliminated. The room is now disinfected and safe to enter.

All efficacy data have been made by independent laboratories following the protocol of the industry standard for whole-room disinfection, the NF T 72 281. Other independent studies demonstrated the ability of the solution to reach all cracks and corners because of its gaseous form, unlike liquid chemicals or UV light technologies which have a limited spatial reach.

“We are incredibly pleased that an independent laboratory confirms that the STERISAFE PRO robots are effectively killing the virus. Once we halt high infection rates, communities will be able to open back up and return to normal. It is, as far as we know, the most effective method of disinfecting hospital rooms, thus helping to stop the spread of the virus.” says Ai Healthcare’s Business Director, David Parker.

Environmentally friendly, the robot consumes only water and electricity making it also environmentally friendly. while the thorough disinfection of hospital rooms and other critical areas enables nurses and doctors to treat more patients with confidence.

To watch a video of the Sterisafe Pro Robot in action, click here: Sterisafe Video