Two NHS Trusts Showcase Their Sustainability Credentials to Win Prestigious Green Apple Environment Award with Sharpsmart Support

Sharpsmart Ltd is pleased to announce that two partner NHS trusts have been recognised for their sustainability achievements at the 2021 Green Apple Environment Awards.

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust secured the top prizes following successful nominations (supported by Sharpsmart Ltd) that highlighted the implementation of the Sharpsmart reusable sharps containment system.

Following the installation of the reusable sharps container system in 2019, not only have the Trusts improved compliance and made substantial reductions in costs associated with purchasing single-use plastic containers, but they have also made huge strides in reducing their carbon emissions and reaching their sustainability targets.

Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who picked up the bronze award, has reduced their carbon footprint by 58 tonnes per year and since 2019 has diverted an incredible 20,500 kilos of single-use plastics from the sharps waste stream, preventing 116 tonnes of CO2e.

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who clinched the top gold prize, has removed the need for over 50,000 single-use plastic containers since adopting Sharpsmart in 2019, reducing associated CO2 emissions by 148 tonnes, with 46.4 tonnes of sharps waste being diverted from hightemperature incineration.

Furthermore, due to the durability of the installed reusable containment systems, the Trusts will not require any further containers for a number of years, resulting in further reductions in CO2 emissions year over year together with the continued diversion of sharps waste from incineration.

Congratulations to the two Trusts on receiving this recognition. 


About Sharpsmart

Sharpsmart entered the UK healthcare market in 2000 as the safe clinical alternative for sharps management. Challenging the long-instilled practices of sharps and clinical waste being managed as a service that included no clinical and healthcare worker safety value, Sharpsmart ushered in a new standard of risk prevention by putting inherent safety, intelligent movement, and clinical design at the forefront of point-of-care sharps and infectious waste management practices.

With a national service infrastructure and years of collective experience and expertise in the clinical space, Sharpsmart is the unrivalled expert in infection risk reduction, sharps management, and infectious waste solutions. In 21 years of servicing over 100 acute hospitals and thousands of other healthcare service providers across the UK, Sharpsmart has earned itself the reputation of not simply a ‘provider’ of solutions, but a true ‘partner’ to the NHS.  

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