UK addiction rehab provider extends portfolio with purchase of eighth facility

The UK’s largest provider of private residential rehabilitation for the treatment of addiction has today announced its completed acquisition of the Linwood House Treatment Centre from the Care Plus Group in Barnsley after being ‘inundated’ for requests for help since lockdown.

The UK Addiction Treatment Group – more commonly known as UKAT – now operates eight residential rehabs across the country, with Linwood House being it’s first in South Yorkshire. Other rehabs are located in Yorkshire, the North West, East of England, and the South East.

The Group has experienced unprecedented numbers of enquiries and requests for help in the last few months following a significant but expected reduction in admissions during the peak of the pandemic. But now, the UKAT website is receiving record-breaking hits; in July, over 5,000 people visited the website. All rehabs have been operating at an average of a 97% capacity in the last three months. They’re now at a ‘bottleneck’ situation where they have more addicts seeking treatment than they have available beds to treat them, hence the expansion with Linwood House.

The Grade Two listed building will undergo extensive refurbishment before being open and accessible to new clients across the country. Upwards of 30 beds will be available at any one time.

Upon admission, clients (where appropriate) will undergo a medically-supported detoxification, followed by a holistic daily treatment programme, encompassing the well-known 12 Steps Programme, as well as other treatment remedies such as yoga, acupuncture, music therapy, and trauma therapy to name a few.

The facility will treat any and all types of addiction and mental health disorders, from drugs like Heroin, Cocaine, Cannabis and Prescribed Drugs to Alcohol, as well as behavioural disorders to gambling, gaming and the internet.

Eating disorders – a rising admission type for the Group – will also be treated at the facility, and UKAT are hopeful to extend this treatment to those aged under 18 in the near future.

UKAT plan on retaining the experienced staff already working at Linwood House in order to negate any job losses during these difficult times.

Eytan Alexander and Daniel Gerrard, Joint Managing Directors for the UKAT Group comment;

“We’re thrilled to have added Linwood House to our portfolio of residential rehab facilities. Those suffering with addiction have faced years of Council budget cuts to treatment services and countless public rehabs closing their doors to them in their time of need.

“Instead, we’re making this investment to ensure that we can continue to treat as many people who need our help as we possibly can, providing world-class care at all times.”

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