Unique IQ launches IQ:caremanager, a new end-to-end care management system

Home care technology firm Unique IQ is revolutionising the organisation and delivery of care with the launch of IQ:caremanager, a new care management system that offers a complete software solution for home care providers.

Bringing together all of the features that care providers need, IQ:caremanager answers the call for a software suite that unifies processes like rostering, call monitoring, eMAR, payroll, HR and reporting – into a single system.

By pairing a comprehensive set of digital tools with an open API approach, care providers no longer have to rely on multiple siloed systems from different software partners to perform the various processes involved in managing the delivery of high quality care.

Developed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading care agencies, and led by a passionate team of care-focused software experts, IQ:caremanager delivers on Unique IQ’s vision for a more data-driven, connected, collaborative home care sector.

Centred on empowering care providers by demystifying data, IQ:caremanager transforms incoming information into clear visual dashboards to help care providers understand and navigate the complex nature of their businesses.

From medications missed to mileage travelled, and from invoicing statuses to interview schedules, IQ:caremanager lets care providers oversee and manage every aspect of their operation from one end-to-end system.

IQ:caremanager helps care providers by reducing reliance on paper-based processes, highlighting important data to anticipate emerging client/carer trends, and freeing up time for those working on the front line to focus on delivering outstanding, person-centred care.

Aiding data discovery, the platform features a variety of standard reports for quick business intelligence, as well as a custom report builder to discover business-specific insights. On top of that, a unique layer of AI (artificial intelligence) constantly works in the background to surface new trends and even life-saving care data.

These dashboards can also be defined by role, meaning that different users only see what is important to them – whether that’s an HR Manager with applicant tracking, a Finance Officer with invoicing and payment statuses, or a Registered Manager looking at care quality information.

The new-look software has a fresh, clean and simple interface, with an innovative user experience that promotes self-discovery and encourages users to master processes through efficient guided steps.

IQ:caremanager is accessible from a web browser and on any device – from a desktop pc in an office, a tablet in a client’s home, or a smartphone during the weekly shop, making remote working easy.

Finally, IQ:caremanager has an open API structure, meaning that data can flow to and from the system instantly and reliably. This lets providers plug into more than 600 world-class software solutions like Slack, Microsoft 365 and the Google suite, helping them develop more efficient workflows and more streamlined processes, letting them focus on the most important thing – care.

David Lynes, CEO & Founder of Unique IQ, said: “In designing the software, we have listened closely to what our care partners have told us. We have observed how they use our systems, explored with them what could be done differently and understood what it is they are trying to achieve.

“With IQ:caremanager, we now believe we have the only genuinely end-to-end care management system for the home care sector on the market.

“Care is going through a huge period of change at the moment, with technology at the forefront in supporting the remodelling of how care is delivered. Our intention for IQ:caremanager is that it will bring a level of efficiency and automation that helps care organisations ‘power up’. Through having access to technology that is fast, portable, intuitive, connected and data-rich, care staff are free to devote their energy to the task at hand – providing outstanding care.”

For those interested in hearing more about IQ:caremanager visit https://www.uniqueiq.co.uk/iqcaremanager/.