Val’s thanks to hospice staff who run a ‘little hotel’ for patients and families during time of need

A WREXHAM woman who has become an unofficial ambassador for Nightingale House Hospice has praised hospice staff for helping her and her family.

Val Davies, from Wrexham has had a long association with the hospice over the years through the illnesses of her mother, daughter and now husband, Bryn.

Bryn who has Progressive Supranuclear Palsy is a weekly visitor to the hospice where he receives various therapies including physiotherapy and assessments.

Her long association with the hospice stems back to the small day unit that was run inside the Wrexham Maelor Hospital until Nightingale House Hospice was opened on Chester Road in 1995.  Val’s mum passed away in 1994 and would often comment about the benefits a place for respite care could have brought for her and others. Val feels a depth of gratitude to the hospice team who provide a vital facility within the community, reaching over 375,000 people.  “During my mum’s illness she would often say ‘if only there was a little hotel where I could actually go for a break’ and today through so many people’s kind donations and fundraising efforts that is exactly what our community has. Nightingale House is like a FREE five star hotel, offering families so much comfort and care during a very stressful time.”

Val is keen for others to see how vital it is to support the hospice through donations and fundraising. She’s been playing the hospice lottery since the very beginning and continues to make donations at various times throughout the year, buy Christmas cards and supporting it’s café and retail outlets. “Whilst many know the hospice offers end of life care it is also there to provide support for patients dealing with a life-limiting illness through therapies and clinical support.  As soon as you come in you are greeted by a warm and friendly smile from the staff, who can’t do enough for you.

“I just want people to know how positive Nightingale House is and to encourage people to reach out and ask for their help early on – you would be surprised at how beneficial making early contact with the team can be.

“I recently spoke to a gentleman who had a life-limiting illness but didn’t know he could come here because he thought it was only for end-of-life cancer patients. Nightingale House is so much more than that, which is why I take every opportunity to tell people about how wonderful it is. Being greeted by a smile and a welcome cup of coffee each week not only brightens up Bryn’s day but it gives me a lift too. Thank you team Nightingale House for everything you continue to do to enhance the lives of many families, and help support patients to live their best life with respect, dignity and a smile.”