Brian O’Driscoll Supports Exi, The NHS-Approved Exercise Prescription App

Rugby legend and sports pundit Brian O’Driscoll is partnering with EXi – the NHS-approved, Sport-England backed app – to highlight the importance of exercise prescription for those living a sedentary lifestyle or suffering from chronic health conditions.

With over 20 million people in the UK classed as living inactive, sedentary lifestyles and almost as many (15 million adults) diagnosed with at least one chronic disease, the need for a service that can support this population is vital. Given the current national lockdown and the difficulty for vulnerable people to find the vital medical and health services they rely on, EXi provides a digital support system.

Of the partnership, Brian O’Driscoll says; “It is so important that we recognise the very real need for people, whether they are active or not, to have access to a trustworthy and evidence-backed resource to help them improve their health. EXi has been created by top medical professionals and as a resource it’s affordable and accessible to all.”

The combined impact of the global pandemic, national lockdowns and limited access to fitness facilities has put the nation’s health under serious threat. Movement is widely considered a miracle cure for a myriad of health conditions including obesity, diabetes and heart disease – but many don’t have access to the professional help they need to get a tailored exercise programme to safely support their condition.

EXi is the world’s first and only app to provide an automated yet personalised exercise prescription, based on the latest scientific evidence for safety and effectiveness, to those suffering from any number of 23 long-term conditions (including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, cancer and long-Covid).

“As a retired professional athlete, I’ve seen first-hand the damage inactivity or a sudden decrease in movement can have on your health.” Brian O’Driscoll adds; “Coupled with the pandemic and lockdown, it causes real concern for those that really need support to get moving. My parents, who were both GPs, have always welcomed exercise to benefit people’s health & wellbeing. EXi is one such digital solution that gives people access to medically endorsed exercise prescription allowing them to achieve positive, long-term health benefits.”

The award-winning  app, has been developed by world-class physiotherapists. It creates tailored programmes for individuals using a unique evidence-based algorithm that analyses the user’s health status, current fitness level, any medical condition(s) they have. Importantly, it factors in the user’s resting heart rate (using their phone’s camera flash or Apple Watch device) to inform its personalised programme. With this technology, every user – whether they are a proficient exerciser or someone nervously taking their first steps – has the capacity to increase their overall health in a safe and sustainable way.

EXi stands out from the plethora of digital fitness solutions by  offering a serious, stable, clinically proven exercise prescription support ecosystem that gets users moving a little bit more, every single day, using evidence-based advice from medical professionals.  Within its exercise prescription, users can choose their preferred method of exercise, including walking, running, cycling, aerobics, interval training or bodyweight training.  Exercise videos and coaching are included within the app.

EXi syncs and links your prescription based on your current personal health metrics and allows you to track your blood pressure and heart rate as well as other important conditions.  It’s an invaluable support system for those that have previously lacked a solution to their health conditions in the fitness space.” Brian O’Driscoll continues, “It prescribes movement with low and medium intensity solutions focusing on everyday movement – that’s key to me.”  

EXi is available on the App Store and Google Play. Users start on a 12-week graduated  activity programme but can continue to use the service indefinitely after this. For more information and to access the digital health programme, visit