Bridgend Physiotherapist tackles client isolation for all ages with free exercise videos & teleservices

Bridgend Physiotherapist Rhian Davies, owner of wellbeing clinic one2one Therapy, is tackling the coronavirus challenges clients face head on, with free wellbeing and exercise videos, online exercise classes and even client appointments online.
Rhian explains:
“It’s important to maintain physiotherapy treatment until recovery, and we didn’t want to see clients regress, so we started out by helping existing clients maintain progress by continuing to see them over Zoom, Skype and Facetime.  We can assess their condition, offer new exercises and support in the same way we would offline, only clients don’t have to leave their homes, allowing them to maintain social distancing but also maintain their progress.  We’ve also seen new clients this way, and have had excellent results.
“We found online consultations worked well so introduced online exercise classes too, and now our online class schedule is almost as full as our offline offering was before.  The clinic has also seen some new clients sign up for the online classes, who want to exercise but couldn’t make classes due to childcare or who perhaps would feel a little awkward in a traditional exercise class.
In addition to the classes and online sessions, Rhian and the team have also been working hard on creating free video content, both for their clients and for the Bridgend community to use. Rhian continues:
“Exercise is important for everyone of any age to maintain mobility, so I thought I could really help with indoor exercises that anyone can do – and releasing them on video means we can provide these free of charge.  We’ve also got yoga and mindfulness exercise videos on our website and special Facebook group, dedicated to helping people stay positive and well through the coronavirus outbreak – we’ve even got a kids workout video designed by international triathlete Adam Bowden.
“I always saw our wellbeing centre as something that could really help the local community – I just never saw it as being online, but it’s great!”
So, as a physiotherapist, does Rhian have any suggestions for people working from home?
“None of us know how the world will change from a prolonged period of home working, poor posture can lead to all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries.  One thing is certain – desks and chairs at work are often more supportive than home desks, so if this does become long term, exercise is going to be essential to maintain back and joint health.   Whether you join our classes, walk, stretch, or even follow a workout video, my advice to anyone working from home is to do some exercise every day and to make sure your back is supported while you work.”
Online resources from Rhian and the team are available at