Healthcare group appoints new Ethics and Safeguarding Lead

In a move designed to strengthen its oversight of ethical and safeguarding issues, specialist healthcare provider, Ludlow Street Healthcare, has appointed a new Ethics and Safeguarding Lead for the organisation.  

Richard Andrews, who has worked for Ludlow Street Healthcare for nine years in a social work capacity, will take on the new role which represents a formalisation of the work that he was already supporting alongside his usual case-based duties.  

Ludlow Street Healthcare specialises in providing care for adults over the age of 18 with complex mental health problems, autism, learning disabilities, and neuropsychiatric conditions including dementia and acquired brain injuries.  

In his new role, Richard will be responsible for strengthening and improving oversight and evaluation of safeguarding practice and he will further develop the organisation’s  safeguarding and person-centred culture.  

Richard said, “The challenges and demands of the Covid crisis have highlighted the need for constant diligence when it comes to making any decisions on our service users’ casesoften managing competing priorities and risks.  

“Given the complexity of our service users, ware constantly aware of the necessity of ensuring that we have clear processes in place when reviewing care needs and when making complex care and clinical decisions. These decisions need to take into account the wider picture which considers the interaction between service users’ human rights, mental capacity as well as their mental health and their corresponding legal frameworks. 

“My role will help ensure that we prioritise effective consultation on complex cases and also continue to help services to review and reflect on complex interventions via Ludlow Street Healthcare’s Ethics Committee and Ethical Review process; enabling us to balance people‘s needs & risks, whilst promoting and protecting their Human Rights.     

“I’m looking forward to applying my experience as a practitioner to help develop longterm improvements in safeguarding in the organisation, and to promote good practice in this area.”  

Dr Andrew HiderClinical Director at Ludlow Street Healthcare, said: “This is an incredibly important new role, not just for Richard but for the organisation as a whole. We have moved forward with this development because we wanted to formalise in our organisational structure the great work that Richard has been doing as Chair of our Ethics and Safeguarding Committee for some years now.  

“We are proud of the focus all our teams have on keeping our service users safe and we see this role as a natural extension of our organisational values. Richard will provide support by maintaining the oversight of the existing ethics and safeguarding panel and by ensuring that all our clinical and operational staff have access to the information and guidance they need to support best practice in this area.” 

Established in 2005 Ludlow Street Healthcare has supported and cared for over 800 people. For over a decade, it has worked in partnership with the NHS, developing services and investing in the necessary health infrastructure and staff training, to support patients on their journey to recovery and a more independent and fulfilling life, through step-down to community living – improving social integration and inclusion. 

More information about Ludlow Street Healthcare is available on their website