How microsuction and hearing aids work to restore the ability to hear

In a hearing world, loss of hearing can lead to social isolation – but thanks to modern hearing aid technology, it doesn’t have to.  Even a small loss of hearing can have an impact, but sufferers don’t always realise how treatable it is these days.

For many sufferers of hearing loss, poor hearing is simply down to a build up of ear wax, and this can easily be resolved with modern ear wax removal techniques, leaving sufferers free to get back to normal life.  These days, most audiologists use microsuction ear wax removal, which in most cases is effective, quick and painless.

However, even if hearing loss is down to another cause, modern hearing aid technology can usually help individuals get back to a normal, happy life, using technology to restore the ability to hear.

Hearing aid manufacturer Phonak explains:

“The best hearing aids go far beyond amplification to make lost sounds audible again. They can emphasize sounds coming from specific directions, differentiate types of sound, reduce noise and compress frequencies. This is all done automatically by the hearing aid, which recognizes and adapts to the situations the wearer is in.

“The latest Phonak hearing aids also connect to smartphones, TVs and more — providing audio streaming from countless devices. They also make hands-free calls possible. Rechargeable options make using a hearing aid even more hassle-free.

The most recent Phonak listening devices likewise interface with cell phones, televisions and then some — giving sound gushing from incalculable gadgets. They likewise settle on without hands decisions conceivable. Battery-powered choices make utilizing a portable hearing assistant considerably more issue free.”

However, choosing the right hearing aid and even the right ear wax removal technique is not always ‘one size fits all’.

Audiologist Adrian Dowling has been helping people improve their hearing for much of his life, having joined Colwyn Bay Hearing Practice in 1991, after his father, Michael Dowling first set up the practice in 1961.  He’s been working across the North Wales region ever since, with clinics in Colwyn Bay, Anglesey and Mold.

As well as modern microsuction ear wax removal techniques, Adrian is also trained in the use of irrigation and manual removal. This multi-skilled approach helps the clinic deal with the more challenging cases – as well as offering leading hearing aid solutions from around the world.

Adrian believes that it’s especially important for audiologists to work with individuals to find the right solutions for each person, giving them a free trial of any hearing aid technology before committing to purchase.  He also advises patients on steps they can take to maintain their hearing.  Adrian explains:

“We are passionate about helping preventing hearing loss and supporting people who have endured hearing loss, from the very mild cases to the most severe and profound hearing impairments.

“For a hearing aid to work, it must be comfortable for the patient and fit in with their lifestyle.  We supply the smallest and most comfortable hearing aid devices that are tailored to the patient’s individual needs and unique requirements. Patients receive free trials of all hearing aid devices to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.”

“It is really wonderful to be able to transform a life by restoring the ability to hear, and our work offers plenty of job satisfaction – but it’s more about the patients than about the clinic.  The overwhelming message is that while some degree of hearing loss may come through age, you don’t need to struggle.  If you have hearing loss in North Wales, then please get in touch, visit my website or call to book an appointment on 01492 540000.”


Source: Wellbeing News