International talent must be a ‘priority’ for NHS in 2019

As we start a new year a leading recruitment consultancy has predicted that the next year will see a much greater demand for international doctors among Trusts as domestic talent shortages continue.

Remedium Partners – a consultancy which specialises in the recruitment of overseas permanent doctors to ease the NHS’ reliance on agency locums, believes that the need to look overseas for doctors is particularly crucial at a time when budgets are increasingly tight.

Philip Braham, Co-Founder of Remedium Partners, explains:

“As we come to the end of a landmark year for the NHS, now is the time to learn from the challenges faced in the last 12 months and sufficiently plan ahead. With a continuing talent shortage and uncertainty over the UK’s EU departure, Trusts are understandably worried about the impact these factors might have on staffing numbers.

Removing the barriers to international doctor recruitment

It’s important that health leaders address these concerns and the barriers for international doctor recruitment.

This will not only ensure they have the numbers they need, but will also offer a more efficient plan that has less impact on budgets than the tactics that have been used in recent times. As a case in point, to date, our approach of engaging with international talent for a long-term staffing solution to reduce the heavy reliance of agency locums has saved Trusts over £97 million.

“Of course, attracting new doctors needs to be a priority for NHS Trusts as we approach 2019. However it’s just as important to ensure measures are put in place now to mitigate some of the barriers Trusts will face during their busiest time of year so they are ‘winter ready’.

IT, Infrastructure and collaborative working

“Ensuring IT and infrastructure systems are fully equipped, for example, will help Trusts with the challenges they will face due to increased patient numbers in the coming months. In addition, we would like to see more local partnerships formed. Strong, collaborative working is vital for success in the NHS and a greater focus on developing strategic partnership between not only Trusts, but also other bodies – such as local authorities to gain an insight into the health economy – will help improve service levels in the new year.”