UK-Based Health Tech Startup Targets Consequences of Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is deeply embedded within our society – a study found the average Brit spends a shocking four years of their lives hungover – with a disproportionate number of days impacted around Christmas, not to mention the train wreck after New Year’s Eve.

But there is hope. Survivor is a revolutionary dietary supplement designed to boost a natural response to alcohol consumption, aiming to mitigate its negative impact on the body.

While Survivor contains electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and targeted herbal extracts, it goes far beyond a mere replenishing ‘hangover cure’, of which there are many on the market. Survivor features two revolutionary ingredients that boost the body’s response to alcohol consumption: Dihydromyricetin and Pueraria lobata flos.

The science behind Survivor originates from a team of medical, nutritional and pharmacological experts, including Prof. et Mag.phil Gertrude Kubiena, ex-Vice President of the Red Cross, who states:

Dihydromyricetin alongside Pueraria lobata flos have individually been powerful ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine as hangover treatments. Now they are coming to the attention of Western medicine. Extracted to great purity and combined in Survivor, this fascinating combination targets the mechanisms which break down the inflammatory toxin acetaldehyde, alcohol’s first metabolite.

Given one stream of medical thought holds that chronic inflammation is behind the major degenerative diseases that plague the West, speculatively, the potential long-term health consequences of Survivor could be enormous.”

Survivor may herald an entirely new approach to more responsible alcohol consumption – effectively short-circuiting some of the damage caused by alcohol as part of a holistic long-term approach to health.

Having launched in early December, the brand now sees clinical trials as a voluntary but necessary step in confirming their findings, undertaking a crowdfunding campaign in early 2019 to help finance this important step towards reducing the impact of alcohol-related side effects on an individual’s health and productivity.

Headquartered in London, and founded by University of St Andrews graduate and Rocket Internet alumni Laurence Cardwell, Survivor can be purchased through the website – and soon in stores.

Survivor Life Limited
85 Great Portland Street
London, W1W 7LT

SOURCE Survivor Life Limited