Karantis360 expands into US market by partnering with IndividuALLytics to deliver enhanced remote patient monitoring solution

Telemedicine platform provider adds Karantis360’s at-home patient monitoring solution to enhance its holistic offering for the delivery of adult social care

Karantis360 and IndividuALLytics are excited to announce a partnership that will deliver a truly holistic view of patient wellbeing, helping to transform at-home remote patient monitoring. Together these empowering healthcare innovators will allow health and social care providers to make timely and more informed clinical and social care decisions based on real-time, accurate and holistic patient data. 

Karantis360, the at-home monitoring and predictive care management solution, has been designed to transform the delivery of care for people with physical and mental health needs. Harnessing innovative AI technology, Karantis360 makes independent home living possible, and possible for longer, leading to happier and healthier lives.

IndividuALLytics, Inc. specialises in highly individualised treatment protocols for precision management of chronic illness and employs a comprehensive solution for remote patient monitoring along with a mobile application for patient engagement and multidisciplinary virtual care teams to determine and administer these individualised treatment protocols. 

The partnership between Karantis360 and IndividuALLytics combines data from IoT sensors, wearable technology and an intuitive data analytics platform. This combination provides a truly holistic real-time view of a patient’s wellbeing, which allows for enhanced and timely interventions in patient care should there be any detrimental change in an individual’s circumstances.

This is crucial for care providers, patients, families and clinicians, providing the ability for all parties to review the same data on a real time basis. With such granular and personalised data, clinicians and care providers are empowered to make proactive decisions regarding patient care and can take appropriate action as soon as any anomalies are detected.

Enabling older and more vulnerable people to stay in their own homes, in a safe, familiar environment where they can still enjoy their own routine, is proven to improve their wellbeing and reduce the rate of decline in their health.

Helen Dempster, Founder, Karantis360, comments: “We’re so excited to be expanding into US territories by working with IndividuALLytics on such a ground-breaking partnership. The concept of two complementary technologies from both Karantis360 and IndividuALLytics coming together to deliver a truly holistic approach to remote patient care is incredibly powerful and will truly revolutionise the adult social care and remote patient monitoring landscape for the better.”

Steven Schwartz, Ph.D., IndividuALLytics, comments: Innovative digital solutions such as those provided by the Karantis360 and IndividuALLytics partnership are helping to support the much anticipated social care revolution. Through deployment of this technology, healthcare professionals can ensure people are able to stay in their homes for longer, alleviating the pressure on the healthcare services and care homes and providing improved quality of care.”

This is an exciting first step in Karantis360 and IndividuALLytics’ journey as strategic partners to push the envelope on connected, scalable healthcare delivery. This partnership provides a unique innovative solution that can prevent healthcare issues from escalating and ensure that no individual is left with unmet care needs.